Profeco Launches Alert for Volvo Vehicle Body Failures; these are the details

This Wednesday, the Federal Consumer Prosecutor’s Office (Profeco) alerted users of brand vehicles Volvo XC60 and XC90 models year 2021 due to possible failures in the coupling with the bodywork of the control unit of the supplementary restraint system.

Through a statement, Profeco detailed that after quality investigations carried out, a risk was identified in the installation of the control unit of the supplementary restraint system in the body of the cars.

And it is that according to the institution, the body was not coupled according to the necessary specifications.

“The above can generate variations in the correct operation of the control unit, so for Avoid risks and to prevent accidents, the alert was issued ”, he explained.

In turn, he indicated that in case of detecting a failure in the control unit of the supplementary restraint system, the vehicles will light a message that says “Urgent Service” and a warning light will be activated.

If the supplemental restraint control unit is not properly grounded, other electronic control units (ECU) will possibly set DTCs (diagnostic trouble codes).

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Likewise, Profeco pointed out that there is a risk that the control unit of the supplementary restraint system may come loose in an accident and the necessary performance with respect to the protection of the occupants will not be achieved: activation of devices, such as the airbags, belts, or high voltage battery disconnect.

The automaker informed dealers that the corrective action is to inspect, identify and tighten the bolt torque on the supplemental restraint control unit module, for which no additional parts or parts are required.

The dealers who market these vehicles will make the corresponding adjustment before delivery to the customer.

Although the supplementary restraint system control unit is not considered to contain a defect that could harm or endanger the life, health or safety of consumers, Volvo Car Mexico began actions corresponding to the Recall from the identification of the risk and reported them to its dealers, who notify 31 customers of the cars sold.

Finally, the company reported that the campaign began on June 18, and will be in effect until June 17, 2051; In addition, it will publish notices on its platforms to increase dissemination about the control unit of the supplementary restraint system.

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