After the “unfair behavior“by Teheiura in Koh-Lanta, The Legend, the production will take new measures to avoid future cheating in the survival game of TF1.

Case Teheiura, continuation and end ? Two weeks after the broadcast of the shock episode in which the five-time candidate of Koh-Lanta admitted to having had food brought during the shooting, the tongues are loosened. The other adventurers give him their support, some members of his family point to the pressure of certain candidates who would have pushed the Tahitian to make mistakes, and the production confides in his management of the business of “papaya.“All this while some adventurers have since been threatened and harassed online, accused of having”balance“Teheiura to the film crews on site …

A new device in the coming seasons of Koh-Lanta

In this electric atmosphere which, we hope, will calm down this Tuesday with a new episode of Koh-Lanta, The Legend whose final is fast approaching, Adventure Line Productions has however taken new measures to ensure fairness between candidates during filming. “The production reinforced the presence of guards on the camp from theopening of its investigations and will continue to do so over the next few seasons“thus revealed the production to our colleagues of Cine TV Review. Because since the revelation of this game fact, many viewers wonder how fishermen could so easily approach the site of the filming.

“The sea belongs to everyone”

Denis Brogniart had, a few days ago, tried to provide an explanation: “We are in Polynesia, we are in France, in a place where people know the program. Not only do they know, but they adore Teheiura who is, I think, the most famous and recognized personality of French Polynesia. So there are some who tried to help them, who brought food. And there, they gave in to temptation.“For the host, it is impossible that”cop“the adventurers all the time. The same goes for production”to prevent people from passing around“camps despite the presence of guards who monitor the area:”We do not put a security perimeter around the candidates or the places where the adventure is happening. (…) The candidates are on desert places. Simply, the sea belongs to everyone, there are boats passing by, we do not block an area.

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