Procrear Plan: registrations open to buy lots in 43 locations, what are they and how to participate in the bidding for land and houses

Without Family Emergency Income or the $ 15,000 bonus The social programs offered by the Government of the Nation became a hope and help for families that are in an unstable economic and social situation. In this case the Procreate Plan grants the possibility that Argentines have access to a home, one of the largest debts of the State. 7251 people live on the street in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires according to the official registry of 2019 What is there to know?


The Procrear Plan is a policy that was developed by the Ministry of Territorial Development and Habitat with the main purpose of improving all kinds of conditions so that citizens, at the federal level, have access to the habitat with the solutions that arise. One of them are different credits that are destined to improve existing homes or build new ones.


In the last few days the Ministry in question announced that the call for different offers to acquire land for subdivision and construction of family homes for the programs “Procrear II” and “Casa Propia” it’s going to be open until friday July 30.

With this call, the Government will be able to add new lands in different cities of the country that have more than 10,000 inhabitants to generate service lots or build new multi-family homes. In this way, the State will have options to oroffer homes through the two programs mentioned.


In a virtual meeting with the representatives of the Ministry that carries out the housing plans, they announced the keys to the tender that takes place until July 30.

  • Those wishing to submit an offer must do so by human person or legal person.
  • The economic offer will only be able to be in money or in kind which in this case is urbanized lots or housing units.
  • The deadline to bid at the Banco Hipotecario headquarters will be Friday July 30, without exception.

Finally, it is important to emphasize that all the information needed to carry out this procedure is found in the official page of “Procrear II” that was carried out by the Ministry of Territorial Development and Habitat for the same purpose.


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