Problematic corners in the south of Riobamba

Problematic corners in the south of Riobamba


Inhabitants of the Pucará sector hope that the new authorities will evaluate the possibility of placing traffic lights in different places of the Riobamba Industrial Park, so that there are no more clashes.

The damage was evident at the intersection of Celso Rodríguez and Bolívar Bonilla avenues.

Once again, the intersection of Celso Rodríguez and Bolívar Bonilla avenues was the scene for two vehicles to collide, which caused both drivers to end up with some blows, apart from leaving considerable damage, which advantageously did not go any further.

“This is not the first time that such events have occurred, and what is expected is that drivers respect road regulations, but especially the speed limit,” said Orlando Naranjo, a resident of the Pucará neighborhood, where the mishaps have been widespread. returned to frequent

Regarding the incident in question, it was learned by the Civil Traffic Agents that it was due because one of the drivers involved did not respect the PARE disc, which caused the collision with the other car that was circulating on the main road. “What we really need is for traffic lights to be placed at three intersections that have become problematic in the Industrial Park sector, since there have been no injuries, but there have also been deaths, and it seems that everything is due to the lack of skill of certain drivers” , said Vinicio Vargas, a passerby who was at the site in question. Let’s remember that, along Av. Celso Rodríguez, there is a bike path, which must be respected. (25)

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