Pro D2: Dirty evening for the leading teams

Pro D2: Dirty evening for the leading teams

Sport Of the top six in the standings, only Agen, who had won the day before at Massy, ​​and Colomiers, clear winner of Aurillac, won on a 24th day of Pro D2 which was fatal to the majority of the leading teams. Leader Oyonnax, Grenoble, Mont-de-Marsan and Biarritz all lost.

It was not good to stick their heads out for the leading teams this Friday evening during the 24th day of Pro D2. Of the top six teams in the standings, only two won. This is Agen (3rd), winner Thursday evening in an advanced match of Massy on the lawn of the red lantern, and Colomiers, who did not give details Friday evening (38-17) at home against Aurillac . And that’s it as far as the Top 6 are concerned. Oyonnax, Grenoble, Mont-de-Marsan and Biarritz have all bit the dust indeed.

The leader was the first to drink the cup that evening. However, it was the Oyomen, who had restarted a series of victories (four in a row), who had started the evening best on the lawn of Vannes, thanks to a try from Thomas Murday after only five minutes of play. The ideal start for the first in the standings, if he had not been knocked down by the Bretons, to the point of not scoring a single point after this Murday try. Dirty evening also for Grenoble. Traveling to Soyaux-Angoulême, the Isérois, second in the standings, hoped to line up a tenth outing without defeat.

Sport Cold shower for Biarritz

Unfortunately for this undefeated FCG since mid-December, like Oyonnax, its good start to the match was not enough to cool the penultimate team in the championship at home, which was able to reverse the situation to impose 21-16 and bring down Grenoble. Defeat also for Mont-de-Marsan. Unlike their competitors, the Montois also had nothing to hope for on Friday against a team from Carcassonne a step above and who allowed themselves to inflict on the 4th in the ranking one of their most severe slaps ( 38-17) since the start of the season.

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Biarritz thought he was ending the evening with a smile when Josh Tyrell, at the cost of a good effort, flattened seven minutes from the end. The soundtrack then led 23-21 on their lawn at the Aguilera stadium against one of their pursuers Nevers. Unfortunately for the Basques, one minute from the siren, Ambadiang, again strong, crossed the Biarrot lock in turn, and allowed USON to snatch their third victory in a row. It allows him to come back to a point behind Biarritz, a notch just behind in the standings. A wonderful operation.



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