Medical care will be compromised during Thursday and Friday due to the protest launched by the Argentine Federation of Health Providers (FAPS) to demand an increase in the fees paid by social, prepaid and PAMI works.

To this measure of force, which will result in only emergency care during both days, is also added the unemployment for four hours per shift of the Health workers.

The representatives of the FAPS insisted on highlighting the “great concern” of the sector, given “the lack of financing necessary to be able to face the new salary increases in the framework of the joint 2021”.

The conflict in the Health sector has been dragging along and included the request of the clinics and sanatoriums to postpone the parity of the workers, who were part of the “front line” in the fight against COVID. That request was denied by the Ministry of Labor.

The FAPS demanded “from the Government and all the system’s financiers the urgent update of the benefit tariffs.”

José Sánchez, president of the FAPS, affirmed that the “main commitment as health providers is with life, with our health teams and with the institutions.”

“It is an obligation to rethink the system for the automatic updating of benefits income. If the situation continues to deteriorate, we will no longer be able to rethink the health system, but we will have to rebuild it,” Sánchez said.