Due to the current situation, the proportion of people who have at least temporarily moved to their home office has increased significantly. With increasing digitalization, office work can usually be carried out from the desk at home as effectively as at the “regular” workplace.

And there is sometimes a welcome side effect: The temporary closure of schools and daycare centers, for example, families benefit from the flexibility of home work.

The statutory accident insurance protection also applies to the home workplace. However, accidents resulting from private activities are expressly excluded.

The relocation of work into one’s own apartment gives rise to new aspects in matters of statutory accident insurance protection, because the boundary between private and professional activity is blurring. What in individual cases is an accident at work can suddenly be a contentious case.

The employee’s insurance cover extends to the activities to which he has committed to his employer or which essentially serve the company. In general, accidents that occur in a study, such as falling over a wastebasket, are covered by statutory accident insurance. However, this also applies to commuting to work, for example if the employee brings a defective device for repair.

The decisive factor is the internal connection between the work leading to the accident and the insured business activity. This means that it must be an accident as a result of direct operational work. Or there must be a causal connection between the activity to be performed and the operational tasks.

Precise arrangements with the employer are important for insurance coverage. Details such as the scope of work, available working hours, deliveries and delivery times, company visits, information transfer etc. should be discussed and documented in as much detail as possible.

In order to be on the safe side, the Signal Iduna insurance company definitely recommends private accident insurance. It supplements statutory insurance protection and also pays for leisure accidents. Signal Iduna/nd