Upon hearing the appeal of the measure of coercion of Jean Alain Rodríguez, the director of Persecution, Yeni Berenice Reynoso, affirmed that there is a deputy involved.

At dawn on Wednesday, according to Reynoso, the deputy for Pedernales of the Dominican Revolutionary Party (PRD), Héctor Darío Féliz Féliz, was moving an extraditable defendant in his vehicle who had a fence mounted with the possible intention of removing the extraditable from the investigation . As they were in the middle of the operation, they proceeded to search the legislator’s vehicle, who was not arrested due to the immunity conferred by his position.

During the Falcón operation, carried out between the Public Ministry and the National Drug Control Directorate together with the Drug Control Administration (DEA), prosecutors took “a lot of evidence”, including exorbitant amounts of dollars not specified because the raids are in process.

They also confiscated high-end vehicles and more than five fuel stations in an operation carried out in 9 provinces of the national territory.

The former prosecutor of the National District described this operation as part of a rather complex investigation, one of the most important against money laundering.


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