Princess Märtha Louise of Norway puts fans in turmoil with a new face

In contrast to the filters that were banned before, the effect of the “pillow face” is so blatant that after a snippet of rum in the gossip sheets, one would probably read of a “beauty surgery fail”. And that is exactly what the inventor of the filter, Jonathan Augusto, intended, as he told «Yahoo! Life »declared. “Celebrities like Madonna, Courtney Cox, Dolly Parton and others already had pillow faces from bad filler injections. These usually end up with almost the same faces, with distorted lips and puffy cheeks. ” Even if he didn’t create the filter to start a discussion about trends in plastic surgery, he’s happy that his filter did it. “I think people are using the filter to criticize the excess of plastic surgery we see on social media,” he explained. “I’m not against filters, of course, because I create them. But I think the fight is against the unnatural looks that we see on celebrities and on Instagram. ”


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