Prince Harry takes stock: “I've lost a lot”

Prince Harry takes stock: “I've lost a lot”

In a new interview, the 38-year-old spoke about his therapy and the rift with his family.

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Prince Harry has had mixed feelings about his departure from the British royal family. “I’ve lost a lot,” said the 38-year-old on Saturday in an online conversation with author and trauma expert Gabor Maté. “But at the same time I also won a lot. Watching my kids grow up the way they are growing up now wouldn’t have been possible in that environment,” Harry said, referring to his old home in the UK.

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Harry and his wife Meghan (41) retired from their official royal duties in 2020 and built a new life in California. The couple now have two children, Archie (3) and Lilibet (1). Several interviews and Harry’s memoirs, in which he makes serious allegations against the royal family, have put a heavy strain on the relationship.

The rift with his family was also discussed directly in Harry’s conversation with Maté: Working through his own history in therapy felt like learning a new language. However, this also makes him feel further and further away from his family, who do not speak this language, according to Harry.


In addition to his lessons from therapy, the royal told – as in his memoirs – about his experiences with various drugs, especially experiments with psychoactive substances. Although he himself described these as helpful for himself, Harry also cautioned against trying similar things without professional guidance. “You never know what’s coming,” he said, referring to emotions and trauma that could potentially be triggered.

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