Prince George: Anger at his parents?

Are George and Charlotte mad?

More and more recently exciting details about Williams and Kate’s offspring known. An insider recently revealed that George and Charlotte are doing very well at school. And a hilarious clip of Prince Louis trying to get into the family car via the trunk with his mother’s help also got fans excited a few weeks ago.

However, William and Kate are still very careful that they not expose their children too much to the public. While George is now allowed to attend selected events from time to time, Charlotte is still mostly only seen at large family celebrations. That the little princess is not afraid of too much attention, she recently proved again at the memorial service for Prince Philip, when she managed to attract everyone’s attention within a very short time. That the Cambridge kids were anything but happy about that, of all things Having to stay at home for the premiere of the action film, so it is very probable. But William and Kate certainly filled them in on all the details of the glamorous event the day after.

Source used: Express

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