Prince Andrew’s lawyers refer to Virginia Giuffre as a “greedy sex babe”

As the “Daily Mail” quotes from the dismissal of the US civil suit, Giuffre “brought this unsubstantiated lawsuit against Prince Andrew in order to get money out of it.” In addition, Andrew’s lawyers allege that they themselves recruited young girls for Epstein’s sex trade ring.

Citing former friends, Giuffre is referred to as a “greedy sex chick”. A woman named Crystal Figueroa (allegedly the sister of an ex-boyfriend of the applicant) stated that she was asked by Giuffre if she knew young women who would be suitable for Epstein’s activities. “Do you know girls who are kind of slutty?”

In the letter, it was important for the lawyers to emphasize that they believed that the allegations against Epstein could be true, but that the Duke of York “never sexually abused or assaulted Giuffre.”

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