Mental health is an emotional well-being and affects the way we think, feel and act, that is why human beings are a whole, we need to have good mental health and avoid mental illnesses.

Mayra Leyva, a psychotherapist, points out that having mental health is having healthy relationships, contributing to a community in which we live, is working, reaching our potential and developing ourselves in what we want.


“Without mental health it affects the physical part, the brain mainly, it causes trauma, restlessness, bad thoughts, habits, bad eating, abuse, alcohol and drugs probably”.

“That is why it is important to be attentive to those signals from our loved ones, those red warning lights such as food changes, isolating oneself, feeling empty, having inexplicable, confused, forgetful pain, with different emotions, etc.”

The psychotherapist added that today we must consider mental health as important as any other disease that comes our way.


“We must seek help, because somehow the complexity of these diseases requires prevention, the support of the family, and the community.”

Here is the complete interview on our YouTube channel:

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