Pride Edition “Chersace” – Who should afford THAT, Cher?

Is it being cashed in boldly or is it actually doing good?

On the occasion of the Pride month of June, pop grandma Cher (76) and designer Donatella Versace (67) have released a joint collection in rainbow colors.

Under the name “Chersace” you can buy black and colorful T-shirts, socks and baseball caps with the Medusa logo. According to Versace, the proceeds of the two ladies go to the non-profit organization “Gender Spectrum”, which supports members of the LGBTQI community.

However: DAS is not affordable for everyone. The rhinestone-studded T-shirt alone costs just under 3150 euros! Without stones, it still costs around 300 euros. If you only want the socks, you pay “only” 80 euros, the baseball cap is available for 290 euros!

Stars like Paris Hilton (41), her mother Kathy Hilton (67), TV starlet Drew Elliott (41) or gay TV presenter Andrew Cohen (54) seem to be over the moon. They commented on the photos of Cher and Versace on Instagram with rainbow emojis and lots of hearts.

The only question that remains is: Do these higher earners really buy parts of the collection – and thus support the queer organization?

“Gender Spectrum” is also an official and long-standing partner of the iPhone manufacturer Apple. For example, part of the income from the two new Apple Watch bracelets “Pride Edition” flow into the organization. The “Pride Edition Braided Solo Loop” costs 99 euros, the Nike Sport Loop “only” 49 euros. How much Apple donates to the organization is not known.

Cheaper copies of the collection with the rainbow-colored “Chersace” logo are already available online. Even mobile phone cases, jute bags and masks are offered online.

Only: if you choose the cheaper alternative of the collection, you don’t donate to the LGBT organization at the same time.

Background: In the United States, Pride Month is traditionally celebrated in June, which culminates in the Pride Parade in New York City this year on June 26th. It goes back to the Stonewall riots of 1969. At the time, revelers resisted a police raid at the popular Stonewall Inn LGBT bar on Christopher Street in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village. On the first anniversary of the riots – more than 50 years ago – about 4,000 people marched through New York and demanded equality, today Christopher Street Day (CSD) commemorates the incidents worldwide. It represents the self-confidence of the LGBTQI community and their resistance to discrimination. That is why Pride is often mentioned.

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