Prices take off extremely – so expensive is the summer vacation – economy

Despite inflation, the Austrian population is still keen to travel. Flight tickets have become 45 percent more expensive in April.

In Austria, the holiday spirit is palpable despite the massive inflation. A survey by “” showed that around 50 percent are considering a summer trip this year, and a third have already booked. For comparison: last year only 37 percent of the locals thought of a vacation.

Good booking situation in the travel agencies

Travel agencies have a good booking situation, as Max Schlögl, head of the travel agencies’ specialist group and managing director of Gruber Reisen, reports to “”. Popular destinations include Croatia, Italy, Greece and Spain.

However, holidays abroad will not be cheap. “This year it can be assumed that all around – i.e. in addition to flight, hotel and travel etc. – other expenses will become more expensive, just as it is here in Austria. That means if you go to a restaurant or go shopping, it will just be the same be like us,” says Schlögl. Holidays that have already been booked should normally not become more expensive despite the price increases.

According to Statistics Austria, flight ticket prices for trips abroad were 45 percent higher in April than in the previous year. On the one hand, rising kerosene prices drove up prices, on the other hand, greater demand for tickets also played a role.

Italy’s beaches more expensive than ever

Overnight stays in hotels also cost an average of 10.2 percent more. And for a visit to the beach you have to dig deeper into your pocket. The Italian consumer protection association Federconsumatori estimates that a family in Italy has to shell out an average of 97 euros for a day by the sea. Taking into account transport, parasols, sun loungers, catering and parking, that’s a total of twelve percent more than in the previous year.

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