Prices for AMD and Intel processors week 22-2021: The cheaper 5600X and 5900X

Not too many changes this week, so it will be pretty quick.

We start with Intel and a small drop of 1 euro on the i7-10700K. This is the only decrease in the blues, because after that we have increases, as on the i7-11700K which goes from 434.90 euros to 459.90 euros and on the i9-11900K which goes from 673.90 euros to 699.90 euros.

We go to AMD. Among the reds, not a single increase noted. We therefore focus on the declines with the R5 5600X which goes from 329.90 euros to 311.90 euros and the R9 5900X which goes from 599.90 euros to 583.90 euros.

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