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The consumer protection association CLCV investigated 45 French departments to study the practices of 665 driving schools. The conclusions of the study are irrevocable: the disparities in terms of price and success rate in the examination of the
driving license are very big.

Regarding prices, the same package "code + 20h driving" may vary from single to double. The cheapest rate recorded by the CLCV is 699 euros in Lille, while a driving school in Paris offers the same package for 1,700 euros, reveals West France.

A display problem

"The prices are free and our investigation is not a charge against driving schools," says Olivier Gayraud, a lawyer at the CLCV. "We are mistaken if we only look at the prices, we must also see the pedagogical quality. He therefore recommends incorporating qualitative criteria into the display of tariffs.

But the price gap is not the only black spot identified by the consumer association in its study. "14% of the driving schools surveyed have no outdoor display when the law provides, it is inadmissible," regrets Olivier Gayraud. "And when it exists, the rate is incomplete in a third of cases. "

A success rate too fluctuating

Finally, the association raises the issue of disparities in pass rates on the exam. "For a first presentation […], there is 76.3% success in Lozère, but only 47.5% in Paris," says the lawyer, who recalls that it is still a diploma national. While some sociogeographical criteria may explain these differences in some cases, the practices of driving schools would also be involved.

Some schools have candidates with more driving hours than others. "Their success rate is better," says Olivier Gayraud. The CLCV therefore requests that the display of the pass rate be mandatory, as well as the average number of hours of training before presentation to the permit for better transparency.


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