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The big brands are already testing the new technologies in Argentina. How much do you save per month and what to take into account

The supply of electric and hybrid cars is multiplying rapidly in the countryDespite the fact that the local infrastructure for this new type of mobility still has a long way to go, especially when it comes to 100% battery-powered vehicles.

Despite the discouraging context, automakers are striving to show that they are already moving in this direction in the Argentine market as well, catching up with a trend already installed in the great global markets and betting on some of its main models.

The decision is not wrong: sustainable cars are already an aspirational for a large part of the local public. Although they are limited to a segment of high purchasing power, the category grows year by year:

  • Between January and September 2020, 1,759 units were patented
  • In the same period this year, the figure rose to 4,526 (+ 156%)

In the country, yes There are 13 brands that have vehicles with these benefits in their dealerships The have official authorization to import them:

  • Ford
  • Honda
  • Mercedes Benz
  • Nissan
  • Renault
  • Porsche
  • DS (Stellantis, ex PSA Peugeot-Citroën)
  • Ram (also from the Stellantis group, ex FCA)
  • Toyota
  • Volkswagen
  • Audi
  • Volvo
  • Land Rover (imported by Ditecar)

This represents 31 models with a total of 49 versions to choose from, not counting the cars of national production such as Volt, Tito and Sero that have already been approved and are marketed in the country.

Model prices

Big automakers have tariff benefits for the commercialization of these vehicles in Argentina, a decision that has just been renewed until March 2023.

According to the last presidential decree signed in September, they will be able to import 4,500 units until that date, including both automotive companies with factories located in the country –The only benefited so far– as car brands represented by importers.

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But there is a difference in the quantities: firms that do not produce in the local market may bring only 225 rounds, while the terminals will distribute the remaining 4,275.

These data pave the way for two questions: one of them,what is the value of 0km comparing a gasoline or diesel model with a hybrid or electric? And the second:how much is saved per month in fuel to circulate?

The two factors mean a great incentive for Argentines who are about to buy a 0Km, even in a context in which many are returning to their own car and have more ecological awareness as a result of the pandemic.

Indeed, the gap between the values ​​of gasoline versus hybrids is not that pronounced. It happens that what makes cars more expensive is the battery, as in the case of a 100% electric model, and in hybrids it does not influence the price so strongly because they combine a conventional motor with an electric one.

Toyota Corolla, the leader in hybrid model sales.

Toyota is the brand that sells the most models in the country and a clear example is the price of the Corolla:

  • While in its full gasoline version 2.0 SEG CVT costs $ 4,012,000
  • The Hybrid HV 1.8 SEG eCVT Hybrid is sold for $4.217.000
  • That is, about 205,000 pesos more

Comparing other models, the amount of the Ford Kuga hybrid (only version) is $ 6.1 million, similar that of your competitors nafteros Volkswagen Taos o Jeep Compass.

Ford Kuga hybrid, the SUV was renewed to be more environmentally friendly.

Ford Kuga hybrid, the SUV was renewed to be more environmentally friendly.

In the case of electric vehicles, there is a greater price difference. A 100% battery-powered Nissan Leaf is purchased for $ 60,000, that is, about $ 6,300,000 at the official dollar value.

On the other hand, canyquier medium hatch, in its top-of-the-range version, costs between $ 3,100,000 (those who still do not pay internal taxes) and $ 4,000,000 if it is reached by the lien.

Another example: the Renault Kangoo manufactured in Córdoba costs $ 3,000,000, while the electric ZE passes 5,000,000 pesos.

But beyond the values, there are notable savings in terms of fuel consumption and other expenses.

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How much is saved

Charging an electric car in Argentina costs practically a ninth of the money that a gasoline car demands to travel the same number of kilometers, according to a study published by the Regulatory Body of Public Services (ERSEP) of the Government of Córdoba.

One piece of information to evaluate is that fuels increase every three months, while household electricity rates are frozenThat is why the comparisons vary.

In this case, when analyzing the cost of using electric and hybrid cars compared to the cost of recharging with fuels such as gasoline, diesel and CNG, taking as a reference a private car that walks that travels about 1,350 km per month or 45 km per day.

Recharging electric cars greatly reduces the cost compared to fuel.

Recharging electric cars greatly reduces the cost compared to fuel.

In the case of a Combustion vehicle, a model that consumes 9 liters per 100km of gasoline or 7 of gas oil is taken as a reference (they tend to be more efficient), where the monthly expense will be the following according to the fuel used:

  • Common gasoline: $ 10,983
  • Nafta Premium: $12.680
  • Common diesel: $ 7,874
  • Gasoil Premium: $9.265
  • GNC: $ 5,049

In the case of a 100% electric vehicle (may vary depending on the city and kWh rate per month), will spend the following:

  • Electricity service charging station type EPEC: $ 1,054
  • Commercial cargo: $ 843
  • Residence charge: $ 607

In these cases, 100% battery-powered vehicles have different charging modes, that is why the rate comparison. For a private user, it will not be the same to feed the vehicle in a business than at home. On the other hand, automakers generally sell a Wallbox, a charger that is installed in the home and speeds up the process compared to a conventional plug.

In this way, it is observed that –in fuel cost– a 100% electric vehicle offers considerable savings, Although there are still not enough service stations in Argentina to refuel on long trips, so they are reduced to their urban use.

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For greater distances, Hybrid cars, which run on both electricity and gasoline, are the best option: consume between 5 and 6 liters per 100 km, a figure that varies according to the mode of use, smooth acceleration and deceleration, if the road or city travels more. Thus, they will save between $ 3,000 and $ 4,000 average per month compared to a combustion car.

Nissan Leaf, the first electric that came to the country for passengers.

Nissan Leaf, the first electric that came to the country for passengers.

In the annual calculation, the user You will spend about $ 130,000 a year if you own a gasoline car, whereas if you use one electricity will consume about $ 12,000 if you pay the most expensive recharge.

Along with fuel savings, work is being done at the national level so that this type of vehicle has more benefits. For now, In some provinces or cities, the patent is subsidized, which implies about $ 150,000 per year for a car worth close to $ 3 million.

Another point in favor of electric with respect to naphtheria and hybrids is that have practically no maintenance costs, as do not require periodic service that is done to conventional vehicles. It’s about a Extra savings of $ 25,000 average every 15,000 kilometers.

Among the places where this rule already applies are the city of At payment, which was the last to be ruled, which adds to the Buenos aires city, with an exemption from the annual payment; as in Mendoza; the city of Neuquen Y Black river. In saint Louis has a 25% reduction; in Ushuaia 50% and in Chubut 2 to 5 percent.

Thus, lthe records ecofriendly they are ceasing to be just a futuristic trend to be part of the strategy of the big brands who seek to pave the way for sustainable mobility, one of the great pillars of the 4.0 economy.




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