Price of the dollar in Peru during the morning of today, Monday, May 9

Today, during the morning of this Monday May 9the dollar in Peru has a price of S/ 3.81 at the interbank level.

The quote This morning corresponds to the close of the exchange session last Friday, April 6, when the greenback closed higher.

It is estimated that during the last recorded day the exchange rate rose around 0.60% in the Peruvian market.

Despite this result, the Central Reserve Bank (BCR) calculates that so far in 2022 the exchange rate is 4.42% lower than what was recorded at the end of the previous year.

dollar trend

During the past week the global trend of american currency reached maximum levels in two years, indicated a report by the Reuters agency.

The dollar rose as a sharp drop in stocks boosted safe-haven demand for the currency, after the US Federal Reserve (Fed) was likely to tighten monetary policy more than other central banks.

Analysts’ concern that the Fed may have to raise rates more than expected to contain inflation increased after new jobs data from USAwhich turned out better than expected.

As they indicate, last week it was known that the growth of employment in the United States increased more than expected in April, which highlighted the solid fundamentals of the United States economy, despite the contraction of its GDP in the first three months. of the year.

The higher price of the green ticket generated that the markets of Latin America They operated with a mixed trend, with the Peruvian sol being one of the currencies that showed a greater downward trend in the last day.

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How much does the dollar cost you to buy and sell?

The last report of how much is the indicates that in moneychangers the dollar It has an average purchase price of S/ 3.79 and the sale price is approximately S/ 3.82.

In addition, in digital exchange houses it is estimated that the greenback has a purchase price of S/ 3.79 and a sale price of S/ 3.82 on average.

Note that this morning the dollar price still no change. The price will begin to vary as soon as today’s session begins at approximately 9:00 am.



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