Price of the dollar in Colombia today, December 8: exchange rate and value in Colombian pesos

This Thursday, December 8, The price of the dollar in Colombia is quoted at $4,825.37 Colombian pesoswhich means an increase compared to the report of last December 7. The currency rose by 7.51 pesosas indicated by Bank of the Republic in his web page.

The US currency hit its highest level in more than a week, since the last time it showed a significant increase, we have to look at the November 29 ($4,809 COP). The TRM increased a 23.55% (919.73 pesos) unlike the same day in 2021, but it is reduced by 4.65% (235.38 pesos) compare the same day of the month of November.

The financial super is the only entity that study, calculate and certify the values ​​of foreign currency in our country, based on currency buy and sell operations between financial intermediaries trading in the Colombian market.

Movement of the dollar in the last days

  • Wednesday December 7: $4,818.31 COP
  • Tuesday 6 December: $4,812.37 COP
  • Monday 5 December: $4,767.19 COP
  • Sunday 4 December: $4,767.19 COP
  • Saturday 3 December: $4,767.19 COP
  • Friday 2 December: $4,779.06 COP
  • Thursday 1 December: $4,815.59 COP

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