Price of electricity today May 6 per hour: when is it cheaper?

Price of electricity today May 6 per hour: when is it cheaper?

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He wholesale price of electricity in Spainwhich serves as a reference for customers with a regulated rate or PVPC, says goodbye from the annual lows of 2022, the most turbulent year in its history, which has led to an energy policy agreed between the European partners.

He average price of a megawatt hour today May 6 in Spain It is 91,43€/MWh (according to OMIE). Currently, with the cap on gas, the price of the daily MWh has been reduced. This is a mechanism, also known as the Iberian Exception, which has set a maximum price for the gas that electric companies buy to generate energy. Thanks to him, it is estimated that consumers have saved 2,300 million euros. It is a measure that will be in force until May 31, 2023.

Price of electricity today May 6 per hour: when is it cheaper?

Price of electricity today May 6 per hour: when is it cheaper?

Electricity prices: average, minimum and maximum price for Saturday, May 6




Price per kWh of light per hour:

  • 00h – 01h: 0.15902€/kWh
  • 01h – 02h: 0.15574€/kWh
  • 02h – 03h: 0.1492€/kWh
  • 03h – 04h: 0.14149€/kWh
  • 04h – 05h: 0.14171€/kWh
  • 05h – 06h: 0.14898€/kWh
  • 06h – 07h: 0.14987€/kWh
  • 07h – 08h: 0.14808€/kWh
  • 08h – 09h: 0.13458€/kWh
  • 09h – 10h: 0.13183€/kWh
  • 10h – 11h: 0.11741€/kWh
  • 11h – 12h: 0.10742€/kWh
  • 12h – 13h: 0.10424€/kWh
  • 13h – 14h: 0.08557€/kWh
  • 14h – 15h: 0.07887€/kWh
  • 15h – 16h: 0.09642€/kWh
  • 16h – 17h: 0.0815€/kWh
  • 17h – 18h: 0.09089€/kWh
  • 18h – 19h: 0.11023€/kWh
  • 19h – 20h: 0.14346€/kWh
  • 20h – 21h: 0.15377€/kWh
  • 21h – 22h: 0.16111€/kWh
  • 22h – 23h: 0.15757€/kWh
  • 23h – 24h: 0.15507€/kWh

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What factors affect price escalation?

The price escalation that affects most of Europe is due, among different factors, to the rise in the price of gas in international markets, which is used in combined cycle plants and which sets the market price at most hours, and to the increase in the value of carbon dioxide (CO2) emission rights.

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