PRI commemorates the 94th anniversary of its foundation

PRI commemorates the 94th anniversary of its foundation


Alejandra del Moral pointed out that the most important challenge today is to win citizen trust step by step.

An honor guard was held before the portrait of Plutarco Elías Calles.Credits: Eric Seville

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“The PRI is defined by the Mexico of the institutions, nobody has given us anything, nor have they done our job and we are not going to give an inch so that others destroy what we have achieved,” the President of the PRI made clear. State Steering Committee (CDE), Eric Sevilla.

“We say it loud and clear, they are not going to happen here, they are going to run into a wall here, there is a lot of PRI here, we have a strong coalition here to defend the people of Mexico and Mexicans,” he said at the commemorative ceremony for 94th anniversary of this political institute.

Before the pre-candidate elected from the PRI to the mexican government, stated that the electoral coalition was formed to defend the entity; “We join to give certainty to families and maintain social peace, we join, because the State of Mexico is an arrogant moral existence that by history and destiny will defend the great national freedom.”

After making an honor guard before the portrait of Plutarco Elias Calles, pointed out that the challenge they face is not new and does not scare them. “In the most difficult times, we have drawn the courage and bravery to push forward and achieve victory,” he added.

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Alejandra Del Moral stated that the PRI is a institution building partywhich for decades has fought to realize the ideals for which the heroes of our Revolution shed blood, we are the most successful party in Mexico and the one with the most achievements.

Before the militancy, he expressed that the Institutional Revolutionary is the party of experience, “We are a party with a vocation for government”That is why the country enjoys stability, institutionality and the prevalence of the law.

He pointed out that the most important challenge today is to conquer step by step the citizen trust, based on a serious, modern, inclusive and realistic political offer. We are the party of the people, not the government.

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