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07/29/2020 06:00 a.m.

Successful in Regensburg and Augsburg, failed on Schalke and in Stuttgart: Markus Weinzierl.

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“I jumped into the cold water, swam and never went under,” said Markus Weinzierl when he first started as a coach. Whereby “not perished” is an understatement, or at least – typically East Bavarian – seems to be very down-to-earth and nevertheless messianic. Weinzierl felt like he was walking over the water, achieved the seemingly impossible, especially in his heyday at FC Augsburg, contrary to all forecasts, and led the former relegation candidate from Lech to a European Cup game in Liverpool. As a figurehead and shooting star of German football, Weinzierl was one of the most respected and coveted coaches in the republic in the middle of the past decade, and Straubinger was the predestined Bayern coach of the future.

“Ka Depp”: Hecking now takes over

In 2016, however, he decided to take the small, big step: The then 41-year-old switched from Fuggerstadt to the Royal Blues for a record transfer, failed due to the force of the traditional Schalke club and was released after one season. At his next station at VfB Stuttgart, the soccer teacher had to sail after only six months. The high flyer among the trainers seemed to have overtaken himself in his rapid ascent.

Sports director with a profile? Hecking’s big chance at the club

“It’s 2-2,” Weinzierl summed up his ten years in German professional football so far: two extremely successful stations in Regensburg and Augsburg, two failed attempts in Gelsenkirchen and Stuttgart. Similar to Dieter Hecking, the trainer of the year 2015, is also Markus Weinzierl, the trainer of the year 2014, and the 1. FC Nuremberg the former fame and past success in the recent past have been lost a bit. Together, the two soccer teachers at the New Zabo could find their old strength again – and shape a more successful future in the functions as sports director and head coach at the club.

Time for the club? These trainers are currently on the market

Niko Kovac, the ex-Bavarian and Neu-Monegasse, will never be. Maybe a Hoeneß – or maybe the phantom? But regardless of who has just been brought up as a new coach at 1. FC Nürnberg – who would be available at all, who has no contract with any other club? A selection.

Regensburg seems to be a good place for ambitious coaches. Heiko Herrlich, Achim Beierlorzer and Markus Weinzierl made the leap from the east Bavarian cathedral city to the Bundesliga thanks to their earnings at SSV Jahn. While gorgeous and the native Erlanger Beierlorzer However, previously gained experience with Unterhaching and Bochum and RB Leipzig, the formerly active Weinzierl, who did not get beyond the stations in the 2nd Bundesliga, took his first steps as a trainer in Regensburg. In November 2008, the 33-year-old, previously working as an assistant coach, took over from Günter Güttler from Nuremberg as head coach for the relegated third division team. During his four-year tenure on the Danube, the Straubinger continued to develop the team with limited resources, established considerable pressing, which is still a core characteristic of the Regensburg game, and led the Jahnelf initially to relegation to the second division and ultimately through relegation to the 2nd Bundesliga.

Paris, Bavaria, Schleusener! Bright spots for Nuremberg’s favorite club

What is rare is usually valuable and beautiful. The best known example: gold. And then: bright spots at the club in a sobering, mostly shattering season, in which the old champion, who started as a promotion aspirant in the second division round, can only avoid falling into third class in the injury time of the relegation second leg. The most enjoyable moments for the FCN – here they are!

The top scorer of the SSV in the promotion season 2011/12: Tobias Schweinsteiger. With his later coach and former Libero and captain Weinzierl, the seven-year-old center forward even played together in the Jahn Reserve. Through an eventful time together in Regensburg, a close relationship developed between Lower and Upper Bavaria: “The problems in the club have welded us together, we will not forget the rise as the crowning finale,” said the older brother of the German world champion – in Nuremberg maybe soon companion of what was traded as a favorite coach, at that time the tz.

The 38-year-old certified his former coach, under whose direction he played 68 games when it came to highlighting his qualities “A clear idea of ​​football” as well as the ability to address things clearly, to strike the right note before and after the game – in short: to tackle a team. Schweinsteiger himself has meanwhile become one of the coaches, most recently as assistant to the new FCN sports director Dieter Hecking at Hamburger SV. “Schweini” is currently senior as a potential successor to Sebastian Hoeneß, who emigrated to Hoffenheim, as head coach of the Bayern-Reserve traded. The image recently brought him into discussion as an option for the position of assistant coach at the club.

Hecking starts at the club: New FCN coach on Sunday?

The apprenticeship to become a football coach, which Schweinsteiger is currently completing, has been in the pocket of sidekick Weinzierl since 2011: Incidentally, FCN junior managers also belonged to his outstanding class, from which Gisdol, Lewandowski and Schmidt, among others, emerged three Bundesliga coaches Michael Wiesinger. Stefan Krämer, Weinzierl’s classmate at the time, characterized the 45-year-old in a guest contribution on the occasion of his award as trainer of the year 2014 Friends 11 as a calm and down-to-earth contemporary: “Markus was initially a quieter representative, but whenever he was talking about football, he had something to say and everyone listened to him. He was not one who immediately pushed himself into the front row , but someone whose word was always important. No one who pretended to have invented football, but an absolute professional with a clear idea of ​​the game. “

Weinzierl in particular occupied the latter during his tenure in Augsburg. In his four years with the FCA, the 45-year-old not only held the underdog with brave football, high pressing, quick switching and attack-like attacks in the highest national league, but also achieved qualification for the Europa League. With this feat at the latest, the East Bavarian made a name for himself in football Germany and beyond as a coach who always remains true to his line and is flexible at the same time, who develops and shapes a team and their individuals through detailed, meticulous training work. The ambitious relegation fighter impressively demonstrated his skills in building up something long-term on both the Lech and the Danube. “I was able to try a lot there and also because we had to deal with financial and sporting fears right from the start,” Weinzierl looked back on his experience in Regensburg and Augsburg in 2014: “If there is no money, you have to be creative with that was very educational for me. In a situation like this, you need someone who leads the way with conviction. “

Behrens: From the figure of identification to the face of the FCN crisis

In his supposed career leap, which ultimately turned out to be a career trap, Weinzierl found completely different possibilities, but also completely different requirements, on Schalke. The Straubinger was released after a disappointing tenth place after just one season. In Stuttgart, he had to pull the sail after half a year. Criticism of one of the 45-year-old’s core competencies was growing from various sides: the team leadership. Stuttgart’s Donis criticized a “negative” mood in the team, in addition there were allegations of insufficient communication with barely considered players.

The creepy club! Oh man, FCN – from one low to the next

In the beginning was the euphoria, in the end the relief and the disappointment throughout the season. 1. FC Nürnberg played a sobering season. From ugly South America bonds to ghostly games and free tours. Everything was there – and rarely something good. Welcome to the Creepy Club, here are the saddest pictures!

“Quite frankly and honestly: Maybe at that time I wasn’t ready to take over a traditional club like Schalke, with all its movements and vibrations in the background. Maybe these clubs need the experience that older coaches have or that I now have “, Weinzierl comments in the Süddeutsche Zeitung looking back on his involvement in Gelsenkirchen – and it can be said that after the baptism of the miners and the Swabians, which had not been mastered but survived, he now feels prepared for stations in a similar environment. Nuremberg? A traditional club that always lives and breathes intensively, as Martin Bader should say? Would the hungry for success 45-year-old, as he immediately after the relegation to the kicker announced as “an appealing task”.

Three years at the club: That was Dieter Hecking’s era

In the end, everything went very quickly: Dieter Hecking announced his immediate move to Wolfsburg exactly on the day after three extremely successful years. In 2020, eight years after his departure to the Autostadt, the former coach will return to 1. FC Nürnberg as sports director.

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