“Pretty cheeky” – Aldi customers rage online after finding cooking oil

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Created: 05/14/2022, 04:58 am

Von: Jason Blaschke


An Aldi customer makes a surprising discovery on the cooking oil shelf: there is sunflower oil in the discounter again – and also a strange message.

War has been raging in Ukraine for weeks. And for weeks, consumers in Germany have also felt this in their wallets. In addition to energy and fuel prices, numerous foods have also become more expensive. One reason is that delivery and production costs have increased for almost all products. In addition, there are delivery bottlenecks and unplanned hamster purchases, which pose major challenges for supermarkets and discounters like Aldi.

company Aldi
head office Essen
Sales volume $106.3 billion (2019)
founding 1961, Essen
founder Karl Albrecht, Theo Albrecht

Aldi is struggling with the consequences of war – Ukraine is an export country for everyday products

Just a few weeks ago it became known that Aldi is making around 400 products more expensive. These mainly include meat, sausage and dairy products. The discounter had previously come under criticism when individual products were rationed – including cooking oil. In addition to supply bottlenecks, the reason for this was the hamster purchases after it became known that the Ukraine is one of the most important import countries.

The Association of the Oilseed Processing Industry in Germany (OVID) announced in a statement at the beginning of March that around 51 percent of sunflower oil imports come from Ukraine. Around 27 percent come from Russia. Only six percent in Germany comes from national agriculture. Experts and associations suspect that this could be one of the triggers for the run on cooking oil.

More than 90 percent of the sunflower oil comes from imports – primarily from the Ukraine. © OVID 2022 Oil World

Aldi is selling cooking oil again: the customer observes strange behavior in front of the shelf

In Baden-Württemberg, the situation had escalated to such an extent weeks ago because of several bottles of cooking oil in a supermarket that a supermarket employee had to use a rolling pin to chase away the cooking oil hoarders. Such situations as in the southwest are currently part of the embarrassment, because: At least in some Aldi branches, the cooking oil shelf is well stocked again – also with sunflower oil. wa.de reveals how to best dose cooking oil when using it

“It’s going up,” tweeted a user under a photo showing a well-stocked cooking oil shelf in an Aldi branch. Since yesterday, the shelves have been well stocked again, which apparently some customers can’t believe. “It’s funny to watch: a woman who stood in disbelief in front of it, took out a bottle, shook it, put it back, took it out again.” The woman probably thought the bottle was a dummy, the user suspects.

Aldi amazed with a note on the oil shelf – “didn’t we learn anything?”

The photo on Twitter reveals another detail that catches the eye of attentive users: a strange note on the shelf. “Are you buying the oil because you need it? Or do you buy the oil because everyone does it?” Aldi asks its customers. “If everyone buys normally, such bottlenecks could not arise.” At the end it is still: “Have we not learned anything, the last 2 years?”

The strange message from Aldi met with a mixed response on Twitter. “Outrageous what is on the note there,” writes a user and adds: “Pretty cheeky.” Another Twitter user posts a picture that shows a price tag where the sunflower oil costs 4.99 euros per liter. In fact, cooking oil can be bought again in more and more supermarkets and discounters in Germany. In Hamburg, however, there is a branch where security is even deployed so that the cooking oil sale can be monitored. 24hamburg.de reports on this.

Aldi sells cooking oil for 1.79 euros per bottle – but there is a catch

According to reports from BW24, however, not always at a reasonable price. “Kaufland is ripping people off,” wrote a Twitter user a few days ago about Kaufland’s sunflower oil for almost 5 euros per liter. But at least in the Aldi branch where the customer took the photo, this is not the case. Here the liter of sunflower oil from Aldi’s own brand Bellasan costs only 1.79 euros.

However, sales are limited to one bottle per customer. However, the cooking oil is not the only message, which is why the discount chain is making headlines. Just a few weeks ago, HEIDELBERG24 reported on a secret function at the entrance to all Aldi branches. Also interesting: The ingenious shopping cart trick of the discounters, which many customers do not know, but should know, because: there is a nasty trick behind it.



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