Press review of Monday March 13, 2023: controversy over the sanctions against Rwanda – – Rich and complete information about the DR Congo

Press review of Monday March 13, 2023: controversy over the sanctions against Rwanda – – Rich and complete information about the DR Congo

The security situation in eastern DRC still attracts the attention of newspapers published in Kinshasa on Monday, March 13, 2023.

Members of the United Nations Security Council held a press conference in Goma on March 9. This, according to their 4-day mission in the DRC. According to her :

“It is clearly established that Rwanda supports the M23. It is also established that the Rwandan army makes incursions into Congolese territory« .

Asked about the sanctions against Rwanda, the UN diplomats indicated that the subject is under examination in the Security Council.

Forum of Acestitle in its headline: “ After the Security Council mission, the noose is tightening
around Rwanda, the aggressor country of the DRC
« .

Along the same lines, The Tropical Storm note: « After its mission in the DRC, the Security Council is between sanctions and negotiations« .

As the various reports show, the Ambassadors spoke, and also listened. Through their declarations, he does not
releases only future recommendations.

It was also heard:

« The Security Council has a wide range of United Nations tools to bring about peace and security. Sanctions are one of the pillars. But it’s not just penalties. There is also negotiation, the tool par excellence of United Nations diplomacy.« .

Pour The future, the Security Council does not exclude any eventuality against Rwanda. Taking advantage of the presence of the Security Council on its soil, the DRC swears only by voting for sanctions against Rwanda. And this, especially since a group of UN experts has established black and white the responsibility
of Kagame in the aggression of the DRC via the M23.

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The Gabonese Ambassador to the Security Council promises to work on this process. And clarifies that the sanctions are a lever, but the Security Council has a range of actions.

Following the same logic, the French Ambassador to the Security Council stresses that there is a
panoply of tools to resolve crises. In the case of the M23 action, for example, the Security Council has already made a clear and unambiguous decision. Thus, he condemns the interference and the action of the M23.

At the announcement of the deployment of an Angolan contingent in Goma, M23 finally agrees to withdraw, indicates The True Moderator.

However, Econews, believes that the UN Security Council is following Macron’s lead. Therefore, no imported solution to the eastern DRC crisis.

AfricaNewsevokes the peaceful march by the Congolese opposition, on Saturday March 11, 2023.

On this day, the Congolese opposition united against the aggression and the project of balkanization of the DRC. It is about Katumbi, Fayulu and Matata who moved the street in Kinshasa.

Prosperity, loop on the international level. And announces that the UK will host the UK-Africa Investment Summit in April 2024.

The Prime Minister will welcome African leaders to London for the second UK-Africa Investment Summit. This summit will take place from April 23 to 24, 2024. It aims to promote trade and
investment between the two parties. Create some
jobs, growth and to support women entrepreneurs.


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