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Home News Presidential regime imposes on Maharashtra in political stalemate | India News

Presidential regime imposes on Maharashtra in political stalemate | India News

NEW DELHI: Maharashtra was placed on Tuesday under the authority of the president in stalemate over the formation of the government after the polls of the assembly last month.
The Cabinet of the Union had earlier in the day recommended the government of the President of the Republic after Governor Bhagat Singh Koshyari had submitted a report on the subject, officials said.
President Ram Nath Kovind signed a proclamation imposing the reign of the president in Maharashtra under Article 356 (1), adding that the Assembly was in abeyance.
In his report, the governor said that a situation was such that a stable government was not possible even after 15 days of election results, officials said.
All possible efforts have been made, but he has not considered a stable government in the state, said the governor.
After the BJP refused to form the government and Shiv Sena did not receive letters of support from the NCP and Congress, Koshyari on Monday night requested the NCP led by Sharad Pawar to express his "capacity and will "to claim the government in the state by 20:30 on Tuesday.
However, the governor said in his report at noon that the NCP on Tuesday morning had let him know that the party needed three more days to gather the necessary support.
The governor felt that, as already 15 days had passed, he was not able to give more time, officials said.
The governor said that he was convinced that state governance could not be conducted in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution. He has no alternative left and is forced to send a report on the provisions of Article 356, they said.
The governor's report was reviewed by the Union Cabinet chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who decided to recommend a proclamation under section 356 (1), which would impose the power of the president in Maharashtra and keep the assembly in abeyance.
According to Article 356 (1): "If the President, upon receipt of a report from the state governor or otherwise, is satisfied that it has occurred a situation in which the state government can not be implemented in accordance with the provisions of the constitution, the president may by proclamation
(a) assume all or part of the functions of the state government and all or part of the powers vested or exercised by the governor or any body or authority of the state other than the state legislature; ;
(b) declare that the powers of the state legislature may be exercised by or under the authority of Parliament; …. "
Asked whether the governor had raised apprehensions about the horse trade in his report, officials said there was no mention of "expressly".
The rule of the president can be revoked before the six-month deadline if a stable government training situation emerges, officials said.
In last month's polls, the BJP won 105 seats, followed by Shiv Sena (56), NCP (54) and Congress (48) in the 288-member House. The alliance between the BJP and Shiv Sena got a comfortable majority, but the two parties split on power sharing.
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