He was placed in intensive care on Sunday after meeting his ally, Prime Minister Andrej Babis, who hopes to stay in his post despite his loss in the legislative elections.

Czech President Milos Zeman, hospitalized, was placed in intensive care on Sunday, his doctor announced, the day after the parliamentary elections in his country. “At the moment, the patient is hospitalized in an intensive care unit of the University Military Hospital in Prague”Dr Miroslav Zavoral told reporters, adding that he could not yet give information about the diagnosis. Shortly before, he had met the outgoing Prime Minister, his ally the populist billionaire Andrej Babis, who hopes to stay in power despite his short loss in the legislative elections.

The country has wondered since the announcement of the results which, of Babis with the 27.14% of his party, or of Petr Fiala, whose coalition Together won 27.78% of the vote, would be chosen by the president to lead the next government.

Milos Zeman, who has been ill for some time, began by receiving Andrej Babis on Sunday morning. But soon after, it was announced that he had to be hospitalized urgently, which left the process of appointing the new government in limbo.

The opposition alliance Ensemble (center-right) would have a majority of 108 seats in Parliament (which has 200 elected representatives) if it formed a larger coalition with the anti-system Pirate Party and the centrist Mayors and Independents movement. (STAN). Together, which brings together the Civic Democratic Party (right), TOP 09 (center-right) and the Christian Democratic Union (center), obtained 27.78% of the vote, a breath in front of the populist movement ANO of Andrej Babis (27 , 14%).

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A more official meeting scheduled for Wednesday

At first, the partial results published by the official electoral site had given the outgoing Prime Minister comfortably in the lead, according to the polls. But the gap then melted and the result changed with the counting of the ballots of the big cities, to create a final surprise.

The leader of Ensemble, Petr Fiala, positioned himself on Saturday evening to form the next government, declaring to have a mandate “fort». «Mr. President will have to take this into account», He insisted.

Constitutionally, it is up to the president to designate the new prime minister. However, before the election, Milan Zeman he had hinted that he would choose Andrej Babis. Sick, this pro-Russian president forced to vote from home met Andrej Babis for informal talks on Sunday morning, before a more official meeting scheduled for Wednesday, according to his entourage.

The head of state also assured that he would give a mandate to gather a majority to a party leader, and not to a coalition leader. “I don’t see many reasons why he would do something else“, Corroborated with AFP Tomas Lebeda, analyst at the Palacky University of Olomouc, in the east of the country. “We’ll see what the president says», Declared for his part Mr. Babis. “I’m a manager, my place is in government“, He also insisted in front of the journalists.

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