President Erdoğan announced that the “Teaching Profession Law” will be enacted, which will provide additional rights to teachers.

President Erdoğan met with 81 teachers from 81 provinces at the Presidential Complex on the occasion of November 24, Teachers’ Day.


Celebrating Teachers’ Day, President Erdoğan listed his good news for teachers in his speech here.

“We have completed our preparations for the Teaching Profession Law.” Erdogan said, continuing his words as follows:


“With the law that will be passed after the parliamentary process, we provide financial and social rights to our teachers. I wish the new rights we will provide, especially 3600 additional indicators, to be beneficial in advance.”

President Erdoğan: Additional rights will be provided to teachers VIDEO


President Erdogan used the following statements in his speech:

“On the occasion of this meaningful day, I would like to express my gratitude to all our teachers on behalf of myself, my wife and my nation. I commemorate all our teachers, distinguished soldiers of our education and training community, especially those who were martyred in the line of duty and those we lost in disasters and accidents, and distinguished soldiers of our education community here. I wish God’s mercy on our daughter Şenay Aybüke Yalçın, our son Necmettin Yılmaz, and many more heroic educators, whom he took from us. I would like to thank our teachers who have fulfilled their duties, raised good generations for their country and nation, and are now retired, for their sacrifices, and wish them a healthy, prosperous and happy life. On behalf of myself, I would like to express my gratitude to all my teachers who have contributed to me, I kiss the hands of those who are alive one by one. I wish mercy to those who have passed away to the eternal realm.

Regardless of where we are today, each of us remembers these teachers, who have a right over us, with love and respect. Despite the decades that have passed, we gratefully commemorate our teachers for treating us with compassion, for raising us with patience, for guiding us. As members of a civilization that teaches me a letter, I will be a slave for forty years, we are aware that we cannot repay our teachers no matter what we do.


When we took office, the most important issue was to bring our schools to very advanced standards by eliminating the lack of infrastructure. Thankfully, we got it. By increasing the number of our classrooms from 343 thousand to 601 thousand, we equipped every corner of our country with modern educational institutions. We have solved the staffing needs of our schools by appointing 713 thousand 625 teachers since 2002. 73 percent of our current number of teachers were appointed during our term. While the number of students per classroom in primary education was 36 in 2020, the same number decreased to 23 this year. In secondary education, this figure decreased from 30 to 22. While the number of students per teacher was 28 in primary education and 18 in secondary education, this year the same number was 15 in primary education and 13 in secondary education. Teacher norm occupancy rates in all geographical regions of our country have reached a level close to each other. Likewise, while the rate of female teachers before us was below 50 percent, this rate reached 60 percent as a result of our struggle with the prohibitive mentality.


We have made vocational education much more attractive by abolishing the coefficient application, which puts some of our children in shackles. We have dominated our education system with an approach that aims to discover the talent in each of our students instead of the Jacobin education model that condemns and formats our children to narrow stereotypes. With all these efforts, we have brought our country to a face that is compatible with today’s needs not only in terms of education infrastructure, but also in terms of curriculum and content. In the last 19 years, we have always allocated the biggest share of the budget to education. We have determined our education budget for the next year as 274 billion 385 five million liras. This figure corresponds to 15.7 percent of the central government budget. Thus, we have once again revealed the fact that education is at the center of our struggle to move our country to the world’s giants league. Hopefully, we aim to add new ones to the successes we have achieved in the last 19 years in education. As we go to 2023, we will continue to take steps that will further strengthen the equality of opportunity in education, while encouraging vocational and technical education, which is one of the most important needs of our country.

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Seeing the problems of our teachers as our own, we take all necessary steps at the expense of forcing the conditions. So far, as our country’s opportunities have expanded, we have made it possible for our teachers to benefit from the added value that has emerged. We made significant improvements in the financial and social rights of our teachers. While the salary of a newly appointed teacher was 470 lira in 2002, do you know where he went as of July 2021? It rose to 5 thousand 100 liras. From where to where. In 2002, the same teacher received 60 hours a month for the total additional course fee of 165 TL, while as of July 2021, this figure has increased to 1272 TL. In 2002, a teacher received a total of 635 liras with additional tuition fees, while today it is 6 thousand 372 liras. In addition, while a teacher’s education and training preparation allowance was 175 TL in 2002, this figure has reached 1250 TL as of this year. We will continue to protect and watch over our teachers, who are the architects of a great Turkey, in line with the vision of a great Turkey.


We have completed our preparations to enact a Teaching Profession Law that will secure the rights of our teachers. With this law, which will come into force after the parliamentary process, we provide additional financial and social rights to our teachers whose current rights are protected. I wish that the new rights we will provide, especially 3600 additional indicators, to our teachers, who will now be completed as a career profession, will be beneficial in advance.”

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