President Erdogan erased the NATO issue! One night suddenly we descend to their heights

In his statements to reporters, President Erdoğan said that the talks between Sweden and Finland did not go well. “They are not honest, they are not sincere. They made the terrorist named Salih Muslim talk on television.” said.

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President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan answered the questions of journalists after his visit to the Aviation, Space and Technology Festival TEKNOFEST held in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan. President Erdoğan gave remarkable messages on both foreign and domestic policy topics.

Stating that the meeting with the Swedish and Finnish delegations was not at the expected level, Erdoğan said, “Those terrorists are walking around in Sweden under the protection of the police.” However, the President replied, “They did the same thing for the late Menderes in the past,” regarding the foundation claims of CHP leader Kılıçdaroğlu.

Unfortunately, the talks were not at the expected level.
QUESTION: The Swedish and Finnish delegation was in Turkey recently and negotiations were held. Were Turkey’s concerns resolved during the talks? On the other hand, is it expected to take a step towards the extradition of terrorists from the other side?

ANSWER: Unfortunately, the meetings between Finland and Sweden by our delegation were not at the expected level. They have expectations, but they have not taken the necessary steps regarding Turkey, and they are still carrying terrorists around the streets of Stockholm, Sweden, and securing them with their own police during the process of these talks.

In fact, on the evening of the day they held the meeting, they do all kinds of wrong things to us by making the terrorist called Salih Muslim talk on Swedish state television, and they continue their negative attitudes and approaches on the F16 issue and so on.

They are not honest, they are not sincere. We cannot repeat the mistakes made in the past regarding the countries that embrace and feed such terrorists in NATO, which is a security organization. What was that? In particular, Greece had left NATO in the past, and the Turkish administration of that time paved the way for Greece to join NATO again. Greece was saying the same things, saying that nothing would happen. Look, at the moment, Greece owes Europe 400 billion euros, more or less.

Against whom are these bases being set up? they are not honest
There are 5+4, ie 9, the US currently has a base in Greece. So, against whom are these bases being established, why are these bases there? Here’s what they’re saying: ‘Against Russia…’ Lie… They are not honest. In the face of all this, their attitude towards Turkey is obvious. Here’s what they did to Mitsotakis the other day. In America, they opened the doors of the House of Representatives and the Senate and made them speak there. Did they applaud in this speech? They applauded. Have F16s been brought up again in all these events? It was brought. We believe that; A Muslim is not allowed to be stung again. They put us through this hole once, we won’t do it again.

QUESTION: How do you think Sweden and Finland’s request and process to join NATO affect the hope for the end of the war between Russia and Ukraine or the end of the war?

ANSWER: Of course, first of all, Russia does not view these matters positively. The Finnish issue is particularly troubling for Russia. Why? Because the border… Since it is a border country, it does not take kindly to Finland’s entry into NATO. In fact, Russia did not favor the entry of any of the Scandinavian countries into NATO. It is in our hearts that this war between Russia and Ukraine will come to an end with peace as soon as possible, but it seems that this business continues in a more negative way with each passing day. I will have phone calls with both Russia and Ukraine on Monday. We will continue to encourage the parties to operate channels of dialogue and diplomacy.

QUESTION: Turkey has a position regarding the membership of Finland and Sweden to NATO. The opposition in Turkey also has an attitude towards this, that is, it has an attitude towards the reservations we have made. Ünal Çeviköz gave an interview to a Finnish newspaper and said that it was a tactical mistake. According to him, the tactical error was our voicing of our security concerns. From this point of view, what would you like to say about the general approach of the opposition in Turkey on this issue?

ANSWER: Of course, we haven’t been able to find out what the tactical truths of the opposition in Turkey are until today. It is also impossible to understand what they are saying ‘tactically wrong’. Moreover, the person who made this statement made statements against Azerbaijan when Karabakh broke out, although he had served in Azerbaijan in the past. Therefore, it is not possible to understand the direction in which their minds, ideas and thoughts work. We think very well about our tactics and strategies in the steps we take, we do our consultations in the broadest sense and we take our steps accordingly. The people who made Greece re-enter NATO in the past were of the same mindset. Representatives of this mentality had also advised Greece to rejoin NATO in the past. So the real tactic was wrong there. We are paying the price for it now.

I hope we will not pay the price again. Of course, let me also say this; It’s not just Sweden, it’s Finland. If we look at the situation from the perspective of these terrorist organizations, now Germany is making the same mistake, the Netherlands is making the same mistake, and France is making the same mistake. There is no difference between them.

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One night suddenly we descend to their heights
QUESTION: While the Russia-Ukraine war was going on, your eyes were turned to Syria with your statement “There may be a new operation”. Previously, 4 successful operations were carried out in this region. It’s a familiar area. Is the time of the operation near? Looking at the operation area, there are serious terror points on our southern border. It is also a matter of curiosity where the new safe zone will be for these points. At the same time, can you say that this operation could be decisive for the return of 1 million Syrian refugees?

ANSWER: Of course, it is not possible for us to leave the slightest attack against Turkey from the north of Syria unanswered. Certain terrorist organizations have focal points in northern Syria. These focal points are present in all those regions, from northeast to northwest of Syria. Unfortunately, all coalition forces, especially the USA, are providing serious weapons, tools, equipment and ammunition to these terrorist organizations and they still continue to do so. The USA gave these aids to thousands of trucks. Who is he doing? PKK, YPG, PYD terrorist organizations. These aids were given to all of them, and it still continues. They even provide training to them in the region. Now, while these facts stand out, are we still ignoring them? Just as we have operations against the PKK and its puppies in Northern Iraq, the same situation is much more valid, much more important for Syria.

As I always say, one night we suddenly descend on their tops, and we have to. Are we not going to make them pay the price of our martyrs?

We finished the job of around 30 terrorists in two days. Together with those in northern Iraq, we have now neutralized over 100 terrorists. This process will continue, we cannot stop. We will root out terrorism and terrorists.

We’ll take care of ourselves
QUESTION: To date, Turkey has carried out 4 operations in northern Syria as part of the fight against terrorism. Those operations were the ones that the USA opposed every time. Now, as we understand from your statement, a new operation is in front of us. Do you have a contact, diplomatic traffic with the USA regarding this? If yes, how does this process go?

ANSWER: First of all, everyone should do their part in these matters. America has to do its part, too. If America does not fulfill its duty in the fight against terrorism, what will we do? We’ll take care of ourselves. It is not possible to fight against terrorism by obtaining permission from somewhere.

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Mitsotakis is not my interlocutor
QUESTION: Despite the change of power in Greece, Tsipras’s leaving and Mitsotakis’s coming, there is not the slightest change in Greece’s opposition to Turkey. There are anti-Turkish expressions in Greece’s national anthem and curriculum. Do you think it is possible for Greece to normalize while the new generations are constantly being raised with anti-Turkish sentiment in Greece? How do you see the possibility of Greece giving up its anti-Turkish sentiment?

ANSWER: Have we ended the High Level Strategic Council Meetings with Greece? Did we explain this? What does this mean? It means ‘O Greece, tidy yourself up’. You didn’t tidy yourself up, so we abolished the High-Level Strategic Council. Miçotakis is no longer my interlocutor as of now. Why? I deal with people who conduct politics in a personal way. You will talk to me, we will eat, we will say, ‘Let’s not put third countries or persons between us’, you will promise this; 15 days will pass after that, you will go to the USA, you will speak against Turkey in the American Congress. What is it? For the applause he’ll get there. Sorry. There is nothing we can do with them. This much armament is this, this, etc.; There is nothing to be done with those who run this process. There is only one thing to do; We are friends to those who are friends with us, but for one thing, they should know well that we will do what is necessary with those who look at us as the enemy.

When asked about Kılıçdaroğlu’s candidacy, Erdoğan said, “Mr. Kemal’s candidacy is not on my agenda. There is no such thing on my agenda.” he replied

Akşener’s statements about Abdülhamit
Of course, this lady has unfortunately come to the unfortunate point of denying her own history while living off as a historian. Just as there are those who disrespect, insult and call ‘red sultan’ Sultan Abdülhamit, who ruled the Ottoman Empire for 33 years, unfortunately this lady fell on the same route. Unfortunately, he did this disrespect to Sultan Abdülhamit, a place of paradise, by following their footsteps and their path. We pity him. The way he goes is not the way. Tell me your friend, I’ll tell you who you are. Who is Ms. Meral walking with right now? With Mr. Kemal. It is clear what Mr. Kemal is. Therefore, what else can we expect from those who march with him, from those who are with the extensions of the PKK terrorist organization like HDP in parliament. I believe that this nation will not be forgiven for attacking a Great Hakan like Sultan Abdulhamid, who was on the straight line and lived in this way. I hope his spirit will be enough to bury them.



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