President Bukele: “Google saw our potential and the capacity we have acquired to reinvent ourselves”

The project that the Government of President Nayib Bukele and the global company Google will carry out will bring multiple benefits to Salvadorans, but it also demonstrates that El Salvador has indeed managed to make a significant turn of the helm towards the right direction.

“We are a new El Salvador, with a new history that we began to write since 2019,” said President Nayib Bukele. His words came on the occasion of commemorating the 202nd anniversary of the Independence of El Salvador.

In this sense, he referred to how the image of the country has changed thanks to all the internal transformation. “Look what we have achieved recently: We have signed an agreement with the American company Google (…) A technological giant that has defined, to a large extent, the recent history of humanity and what we know about it”explained the President.

On August 29, both President Bukele and Google announced the agreement in questionvalid for seven years, for said American company to establish operations in the country and contribute to the renewal of the current social protection system.

“Google, like many (other partners), saw our potential and the ability we have acquired to reinvent ourselves”, highlighted the President of the Republic. There are three areas that will serve as the basis for the implementation of the agreement: digital government, public health and education. Apart from investing in infrastructure.

“El Salvador will be the first Government to use this technology to modernize government services, health care and education; and even improve local companies and change things in the daily lives of Salvadorans, such as traffic, the quality of public spaces, parks and squares,” the Salvadoran head of state emphasized.

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In this way, Google sends a message to other investors and ratifies what is happening in the country: a true renaissance. A development that benefits all Salvadorans and gives them tools to achieve a better future. “The whole world is seeing our potential in tourism and infrastructure. In the construction of a totally new, modern and quality health system for our people. In the construction of a new, modern and quality education system, too. In the generation of a new aptitude in the emotional and intellectual development of our people and the development of world-class meetings,” the President reiterated.

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