President accuses Rosa Mendes ‘revu’ of having a racist speech


November 26, 2020 at 7:33 pm

João Lourenço, who was speaking today at a meeting with young people in Luanda, addressed the topic after the intervention of civic activist, Rosa Mendes, one of the participants in this initiative, where various sectors and organizations were represented.

Rosa Mendes, who approached singing before starting her intervention before about a hundred young guests, regretted that it was not possible to “bury Brother Inocêncio de Matos”, 15 days after the young man’s death, following a demonstration and addressed situations of discrimination that women experience.

In addition to the difficulties experienced by women ‘zungueiras’ and domestic workers, who are excluded from social support, Rosa Mendes also pointed out “modern slavery in the private sector”, of which she said she was also a victim.

“We are enslaved by whites,” accused the activist, regretting that the members of the revolutionary movement (‘revus’) in Angola, for having a different opinion, are not recognized, as she said is her case.

“I ask as a father that he is, help us, do not call us names, do not treat us like troublemakers because we are all Angolans”, he appealed, addressing João Lourenço.

Rosa Mendes defined herself as “a victim of the system”, despite her commitment to the battle for democracy.

In response, the President stated that he had not called anybody’s name: “You are the ones who call themselves ‘revus’, whether it is a compliment or a pejorative, everyone draws his conclusions”.

João Lourenço also said that “those who fought for the freedom of this country were revolutionaries and were very proud of it”, so being a revolutionary is not pejorative.

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“Nobody condemns what they are saying, it is not condemnable, it is your right”, he reinforced, stressing that “the revolution must be a revolution of ideas”.

The Head of State, on the other hand, disapproved of what he considered to be racist statements.

“We do not support the behavior of xenophobia and racism of those who come to say that they do not work with whites. There are bad whites, but there are also bad blacks, there are very bad blacks”, he stressed, adding: “what we have to fight is evil, and not skin color “.

As for the intervention request to bury Inocêncio de Matos, he stressed that it does not depend on his authorization.

“This is just wanting to do a show, I know perfectly well what has happened so far and why the failure has not yet been buried,” he said, questioning the activist’s intention.

“The authorities prevented the innocence of Inocencio de Matos? Is that false. Did anyone prevent it?”