We are a few weeks into the fall and we are already beginning to feel cold in the body. The hurricane season has caused strong winds and spontaneous rains in the country, although that is not an impediment to our plans. Stop observing how the drops fall on your window and take advantage of the low temperatures with the best clothes. croissant and a coffee on a cloudy day? If your answer is “yes”, don’t stop reading. Here you will discover the warmest, cheapest and most top-level clothing that you will ever be able to find.

With the following discounted items from Donna Karan (DKNY), being sad at home will no longer be an option. You will be able to show off the best textures in your outfits and enjoy all outdoor activities because your skin will be fully covered. Whether alone or in company, find happiness in getting ready and getting out of those four walls.

Transform your gray days: You will be surprised to know that these clothes are luxurious, despite their low price. DKNY has impressive offers in relation to the quality of each product, so your wardrobe, your pocket and your self-esteem will thank you.

Hooded Logo Anorak with Side Buttons. Foto: DKNY

Go unnoticed with this jacket with matte texture and elements glossy. This hooded model vindicates the idea that cold clothing should be strictly padded and uncomfortable.

  • BUY IT for 3,085 pesos (original price, 5,955 pesos)

Faux fur vest and hood with branded engraving

Hooded Puffer Vest with Faux Fur Front. Foto: DKNY

At some point in your life you will also want to look amazing and stand out in the middle of a rainy afternoon, so this fur vest has the perfect elements to make you notice: a hood with the brand’s engraving, a soft and dazzling texture, as well as a neck that will make you look out of the ordinary.

  • BUY IT for 1,315 pesos (original price, 3,085 pesos)

Warm coat that flatters all & # xe1; angles

Double-button Overcoat. Foto: DKNY

The charming coat any woman wants: simple, classic and with a light oversize. It is a design that perfects the silhouette due to its shoulder pads and its long fall. You can wear it to an evening event and also at work – it will give you an imperious look.

  • BUY IT for 8,586 pesos (original price, 19,015 pesos)

Her zebra terry accentuates a slim silhouette

Zebra Turtleneck. Photo: DKNY

Take charge with this zebra sweater that brings out the wild side of a traditional one. The turtleneck (or high neck) will help you withstand low temperatures, while maintaining the glamour. You can wear it under a coat.

  • BUY IT for 932 pesos (original price, 2,128 pesos)

This baby blue sweater  it has a very fine finish that makes it look elegant day and night

Drape Front Sweater. Foto: DKNY

A knitted sweater that conveys the gentleness of your personality and has a wrap neck for a high-end look. It is a garment with category, which is undoubtedly for both formal and casual meetings. Surprise everyone with your taste for fashion.

  • BUY IT for 2,367 pesos (original price, 7,055 pesos)

This jacket is lightweight to take with you on days that can be unpredictably cold

Roll Tab Zip Front Jacket. Foto: DKNY

Will it rain, will it be cold, or will the sun rise? For those days when the weather doesn’t budge and is volatile, I recommend this lightweight jacket with multifunctional zippers. Special for a look street and essential for your outings: you will be prepared for everything.

  • BUY IT for 2,033 pesos (original price, 2,846 pesos)

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