Preparation JO-2024: The CNOM sets up a contractual scholarship system based on monitoring and performance

The Moroccan National Olympic Committee (CNOM) has set up a contractual and performance-based Olympic scholarship system to support high-level Moroccan athletes in their preparation for the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris.

Presented, Wednesday in Rabat, during a grouping of beneficiary athletes, this Olympic scholarship program is managed by an agreement signed between the CNOM, on the one hand, and the athletes and the federations concerned, on the other hand, fixing in particular the commitments of each party and the objectives to be achieved by each athlete.

This program is distinguished by its monitoring methods, requiring regular reports to be submitted by the athletes and their federations, in order to follow the progress of each scholarship holder. This involves a weekly report to be completed by the athlete on the dedicated mobile application and an evaluation form to be submitted every four months for each scholarship holder, as well as a medical visit (every four months also).

The list of athletes in each category will be updated every four months, after analysis of all the reports as well as the technical level of each scholarship holder.

To be able to keep his scholarship, each athlete must improve or maintain the level of classification, achieve the international objectives set in the agreement signed between the CNOM, the athletes and the federations concerned and respect the reporting procedures in connection with the stock market.

According to Abdellatif Idmahamma, Secretary General of the CNOM, this program initiated in partnership with the Ministry of National Education, Preschool and Sports, takes into consideration the world ranking of beneficiaries and the obligation for them to send their schedule of training, the results of their medical examinations and a report on the competitions they play at national and international level.

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It is a contractual relationship between the CNOM and the athlete, involving the latter’s federations and clubs, which makes it a shared responsibility between the parties concerned, explained Mr. Idmahamma to M24, the television channel continuous information from the MAP.

For his part, Hassan Fekkak, technical director of the CNOM, affirms that the scholarship program is intended for athletes who have the potential and who meet certain performance criteria and will accompany them until Paris-2024.

“If the sportsman improves his world ranking, the stock market improves, but if he stops training or only performs poorly, it may stop,” he said.

The Secretary General of the Ministry of National Education, Preschool and Sports, Youssef Belqassmi, underlines for his part, that it is an innovative program because it accompanies the potential and allows a better preparation by the through a very personalized and weekly follow-up.

The official also assured that the ministry has been involved in supporting these athletes for a very long time through the CNOM, recalling the program signed in 2018 with substantial funding so that the CNOM can support the Federations and, at through them, the athletes in their preparation for the 2024 Olympics.

Among the beneficiary athletes, satisfaction is general, like the Moroccan boxing champion Khadija Mardi, who said that this initiative is commendable and demonstrates the serious work undertaken by the CNOM, as well as the mutual trust between the latter and the athletes.

“This sports, medical and mental follow-up program is a first for us and it can only be beneficial for the athlete”, rejoiced the vice-world champion (May 2022 in Istanbul) and gold medalist. at the African Elite Championship (September 2022 in Mozambique).

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This scholarship is part of the support program by the CNOM for Olympic preparation which also covers internships in Morocco and abroad, international competitions, medical and mental support, sports equipment, medal and performance bonuses, communication and the logistics of participation in the Games. Its aim is to improve the conditions of preparation and to supplement the preparation put in place by the sports federations.

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