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As is customary, YPF continues to surprise with new releases. In this case, with Infinia Diesel, a fuel ultra low sulfur premium grade 3, specially designed for severe duty diesel engines, as well as the most advanced automobile engines. Respond to more demanding international guidelines, reaching the standard required by the EuroVI legislation.

YPF’s new formula allows maximum engine performance to be achieved.

It is combustible premium de YPF allows maximum engine performance to be achieved thanks to its carefully designed formula, which incorporates multipurpose agents that eliminate pre-existing deposits in the injection system and keep it clean over time. This translates into high engine performance, maintaining power and reducing consumption levels. That means: WALK BETTER.

Its high cetane number (over 55) allows a quick response to ignition, facilitating the cold start and providing a smooth engine operation, attenuating Diesel noise and the generation of black smoke. In this way, a more efficient combustion is achieved that contributes to the care of the environment.

This fuel from exclusive YPF quality, is available in the entire network of Service Stations of the brand, made up of more than 1500 stations located throughout the country. In addition, Infinia Diesel is recommended by the main automotive companies in the market (including Toyota, Ford, Chevrolet, Subaru, Suzuki, Porsche, and Scania).

Advanced technology

The innovative product features the exclusive TDM® technology (Metal Deactivation Technology) that notably improves the chemical stability of the fuel, preventing its premature aging. This contributes to the comprehensive care of the system, keeping it clean and free of deposits.

YPF has more than 1,500 service stations throughout the country.

YPF has more than 1,500 service stations throughout the country.

Continued use of Infinia Diesel guarantees the care of the engine and its maximum efficiency at all times, allowing you to achieve the highest performance with a savings in consumption made out of fuel.


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