Pregnant women refrain from vaccination to love the baby>

10. August 2021 – 20:19 clock

Cierra Chubb was desperate to protect her unborn baby

Cierra Chubb from the US state of South Carolina and her husband Jamal are looking forward to their youngest family member, who is due to be born in early August. Because the mother of two wanted to protect her unborn son from possible complications of a corona vaccination, she decided to wait until after the pregnancy with the immunization. But it was precisely during this time that Cierra became infected and was hospitalized at the end of her pregnancy, reports her husband Jamal Chubb in the US morning magazine “Good Morning America”.

Contagion after the daughter’s summer camp

After the seven-year-old daughter of Cierra and Jamal comes back from a holiday camp, all family members initially have cold symptoms: Except for Jamal, who is already vaccinated against Corona. That made the family man skeptical, and when his wife’s cough got worse, Cierra finally took a corona test, which to the horror of everyone came back positive. After the diagnosis, and after Cierra’s health deteriorated, she was admitted to the hospital.

Son is born by emergency caesarean section

In the hospital, the doctors first decide to bring t Cierra’s child into the world by caesarean section. Her son Myles sees the light of day two weeks before the calculated date. To everyone’s relief, he is healthy and has also tested negative for the coronavirus, so that Father Jamal will soon be able to bring him home. But Cierra’s condition worsens after the birth. The 33-year-old has to be ventilated and one evening Jamal receives a call from the hospital, the doctors cannot guarantee at this point that Cierra will survive the night. A terrible situation for the father, who is only allowed to see his wife through the pane of glass.

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Cierra’s condition remains critical

But Cierra survived the night, but the now mother of three is still in a coma and her situation is still critical. The doctors are preparing Jamal that it may be months before Cierra’s condition improves. Until then, the father has to raise the three children alone. Jamal tells on US television how incredibly difficult it is for him to advance the future of the family without planning his wife, although he knows that she is alive and fighting for her life. In the meantime, the family has started a fundraising campaign to secure further treatment for Cierra.

Vaccination during pregnancy – many have doubts

According to her husband, Cierra was not against the corona vaccination. She was only concerned that her unborn son could be in any way harmed by the vaccination. Such insecurities are certainly understandable in an expectant mother. But now many gynecologists are clearly advising pregnant women to vaccinate. The Stiko wants to wait until the end of August to decide whether to advise pregnant women to have a vaccination. (jdr)




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