Pregnant woman saves her husband from shark attack

In Florida, a pregnant woman saved her husband after a shark attack. The man was taken to hospital with serious injuries. There are no shark attacks in any region more often in front.

A 30-year-old was attacked by a shark while snorkeling on the Florida Keys, a chain of islands in the state of Florida. His pregnant wife managed to save him, reports the BBC online portal. The man was swimming on the sombrero reef when the shark bit him on the shoulder immediately after entering the water.

His wife, who had been waiting on the beach, saw the shark’s dorsal fin and the pool of blood in the water and jumped to her husband without hesitation, US officials said. After she got him to safety, other family members called emergency services, which flew the man to the hospital in Miami.

The shark was likely a bull shark that is regularly spotted in the area. Florida has the largest number of shark attacks in the world. 21 attacks were reported in 2019.