Predictions that are the strangest on the globe..This is what will happen in the Gulf states in a few days?..You will not believe the predictions of the fortune-teller Michel Hayek.

The pioneers of the networking sites republished and shared predictions for the Lebanese astronomer Michel Hayek during a broadcast broadcast by the Lebanese channel MTV about the predictions for the year 2022 and what will happen in a few days.

Hayek saw “a retreat and retreat on the horizon of Major General Abbas Ibrahim, and a task that is entrusted to him is the impossible.”

He expected, “Fakfakah in the series of sanctions that have been prolonged and not yet extended to the head of the Free Patriotic Movement, Gibran Bassil.”

And he talked about “news that will be issued by the first and second presidencies. Some will see it as good news, and others will see it as a bad news.”

He said that the President of the Lebanese Republic, Michel Aoun, “will rinse the stairs” from his head to the bottom, and we will see a personality with special needs at the heart of the government in Lebanon and hell will open its doors to Lebanon’s finances.

He expected that “businessman Bahaa Hariri will play a greater role in Lebanon and that the voice of Beirut International Radio will rise more and more.”

Hayek expected the date of revealing the secret about the Beirut port explosion and who was behind it.

Michel Hayek’s expectations for the rest of the Arab countries:
Saudi Arabia:

He pointed out that Zamzam water grabs the spotlight with an exceptional event in the world.
And he indicated that bin Salman is wrestling with the wave, which is facing the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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