Scorpio (born between October 23 and November 22): Monday the 13th is a day to feel inner happiness and the joy of sharing your life with like-minded and trustworthy people. And this will help you plan new goals with great intuition.

On Tuesday the 14th, your great vitality and desire to enjoy life will lead you to prepare new beginnings and personal activities that will help you stabilize your life.

Wednesday 15, will be a day especially indicated to be able to materialize stable actions that are at the same time dynamic and help you to feel your great capacity for peace and serenity.

Thursday the 16th is a day in which you will develop the precise speed with a futuristic vision that will help you to materialize what you had proposed for a long time. Your wits will be top priority.

On Friday the 17th, you will have the great opportunity in your life to be able to stabilize many situations in which you need time and relaxation at the same time. If you combine them, it will be all very favorable.

Saturday the 18th is a day to feel more capable and resourceful. And also your way of expression will be novel and very happy. What will help you in the topics you have to do today.

And on Sunday the 19th, you are facing a day in which you must weigh several options. And for this you must let yourself be carried away by your “sixth sense”, especially in matters of family stability.

So far the weekly horoscope for Scorpio. Would you like to know how a family member will do at work? Do you want to know if a friend should have a check-up, or if it is a good week for ‘that’ person to find love? EL ESPAÑOL offers you the rest of this week’s horoscopes expanded so that you know what the stars are in store.


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