Pranks and threats by the defendants to the police: this is why the defendants undergo muscular searches during transfers

Sport Mohamed Abrini who told two defendants in the van taking him from prison to Justitia that he was “starting to boil and was about to explode.” Salah Abdeslam who tells the policeman, who must search him before leaving the prison, that he only has to tackle him on the ground and beat him until he gets what he wants. “In fifteen years, this is the first time that I feared for my own safety”, explained the policeman to his colleagues.

These are two of the incidents that have occurred since the opening of the trial during the transfer of the accused. In total, four of the seven accused detainees tried at the trial of the attacks of March 22, 2016, were involved in incidents. These are listed in the police reports made available to the Assize Court and the defense of the accused in order to justify the strip searches, with genuflection, which are always carried out on the accused before their transfer from the prison of Haren to the Justitia.

The summary court said that in order not to constitute degrading treatment, prohibited by the Convention on Human Rights, these searches could not be systematic and respond to an individual assessment of the threat of the accused. Hence these detailed reports which were read before the Assize Court.

Sport Abrini, the “servant of Allah”

Of the seven accused, Abrini seems one of the most turbulent. During one of the transfers, on December 7, he told Krayem and Abdeslam in Arabic that he “was going to cause problems”. His two companions told him to wait and that he had to react simultaneously. Another day, as he was leaving the box, he told a policeman, perhaps too rough for his taste, that “that’s not how you treat the servants of Allah.”

Osama Krayem, during a return transfer to the prison, manipulated the seat in the prisoner van. After checking, it appeared that all screws and bolts were still present.

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The police also had trouble with Ali El Haddad Asufi in anticipation of one of the searches before his departure for Justitia. To hear the police, he thus challenged a policeman who asked him to turn around. Before entering the search room, according to the police again, he would have displayed the will to fight before dropping and simulating asphyxiation.



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