Prada gives away ecological bags and Mexicans sell them for 6 thousand pesos

  • Prada appreciated its brand value, according to an Interbrand projection that compared the brand between 2020 and 2021.

  • The use of ecological bags has become a preference in its use within the United States, according to a projection by Statista exclusively for users of the platform.

  • McKinsey released a study that discovered five main reasons why consumers buy second-hand luxury products.

Emiliano Coron
He disclosed the opportunity he found in Prada when undertaking the sale of one of the ecological bags that the brand uses in certain stores to deliver purchases to its consumers.

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The story adds to other cases, of how fans of fashion brands end up resorting to original ventures, even becoming inspiring cases such as that of Shopia Marlowe, founder of Nasty Gal, a pioneering site for online clothing stores, in In his case, he segmented that he consolidated with the sale of vintage clothing.

A patent in both cases is the importance for the consumer to buy fashion or luxury products, through alternatives. This was explained by McKinsey in a study that he conducted worldwide just this 2021, where he learned that 41 percent of consumers resort to buying used luxury products, because in this way they can find products that are difficult to find or discontinued.

Continuing in this study, 40 percent assured that it is a more sustainable measure and 36 percent assure that this exercise allows them to save money.

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These habits have promoted entrepreneurship with unique actions, for example, the case of this note in which Corona assures that after buying a cap for 16 thousand pesos in a Prada store in Mexico, they delivered her purchase in an ecological bag. after selling it in 6 thousand pesoscushioned the total cost of his purchase, so the accessory only cost 10 pesos.

The Bag is made with leather handles and a jute-like material, with the brand’s huge logo stamped on it, making it not only a bag to carry your purchases from the store, but also an original product to be resold.

“These bags have been given to me in the Cancun boutique, this bag is widely available in the resale of preloved brands, with prices between 3,000 and 5,000 pesos. In the United States I have seen that they are sold for up to 800 dollars”, he explained.

A multi-million dollar brand

Prada is a multi-million dollar brand making use of ecological bags that ended up becoming an object of desire. The crossing of data is interesting, on the one hand we have a projection of Interbrand that registered a growth of 4 mil 495 mdd in 2020 to 5 mil 416 mdd in 2021. Regarding the popularity of ecological bags, a study that Statista produces exclusively for its subscribers, found that the 38 percent of consumers among 18 and 29 years old makes use of this accessory.

The fashion scenario is surprising due to the commercial capacity of its products, not only reaching high prices when selling new luxury products, but also allowing them to be resold, due to the natural demand they have among consumers.

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