Practical without comfort: mini truck Hopon for the last mile

Practical without comfort
Mini truck hopon for the last mile

In the future, parcel services should take the hopon with them in their delivery truck, similar to how trucks take a forklift. At the destination, the mini-mobile, which costs at least 13,000 euros, then serves as an emission-free van for the last mile.

Hopon is the name of a new last-mile transporter that is also intended to transport larger loads in inner cities without emissions. The mini-mobile developed by Carit Automotive consists of a flat substructure with a large loading area, at the end of the vehicle there is a foldable driver’s cab with a steering wheel, gas pedal and a narrow seat on which the driver sits almost standing. Comfort was not in the specifications, but the driver should be able to get on and off quickly, which the name Hopon already indicates.


Two length formats are planned.

(Photo: Carit Automotive)

The Hopon’s drive technology is fully integrated into the flat platform. You can choose between a 2.3 hp or 4 hp 48-volt drive that allows speeds of 20 or 30 km/h. The slower version has moped approval, but the driver is not required to wear a helmet. The variant with 30 km/h has an L6e approval, here the driver has to wear a helmet. Carit Automotive offers different battery formats for a range of up to 100 kilometers.

Prices from 13,000 euros

Basically, the Lastenstromer is designed for short-distance transport. Thanks to its compact design, the hopon, which is just over 80 centimeters wide, is suitable for taking along in small vans.

SOK_4951.jpg SOK_4951.jpg

While others have to pedal, the Hopon driver can use the electric drive.

(Photo: Carit Automotive)

Thus, a parcel service could take the mini-mobile from the distribution center to the city, the center of which is closed to car traffic. The transporter then serves as a mini depot from which deliveries are made by hopon. It is suitable for accommodating a Euro pallet, a container or roll container and for transporting people. The payload is 250 kilograms.

Carit Automotive sees the CEP services (CEP = Courier Express Package) as potential customers of the Hopon, but Carit Automotive also sees potential for craft businesses, for company transport or as a dump truck in a cemetery. Unlike cargo bikes developed for CEP services, the Hopon is TÜV-tested. A pre-series is currently being produced at Carit Automotive, and a total of 200 Hopon are to be built this year. Production is set to increase to 300 units in 2023. Prices start at 13,000 to 15,000 euros.

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