Powerful and with excellent ergonomics, this Corsair gaming mouse is on sale

Powerful and with excellent ergonomics, this Corsair gaming mouse is on sale

[Deal du Jour] The Corsair M65 RGB Ultra wired gaming mouse is a high-end mouse designed for video games and suitable for FPS. The characteristics of this mouse, its many customizations, and the possibility of adjusting its weight, make it a mouse suitable for all types of players. It is currently on promotion under 60 €.

What is the promotion on this Corsair gaming mouse?

The M65 RGB Ultra mouse from Corsair is generally sold around 80 €. It is currently available on Amazon at a price of €54.99.

What is this Corsair M65 RGB Ultra mouse on sale?

Although the M65 RGB Ultra is a bit short, its grip is excellent and it fits perfectly in your palm. The wrist will be stressed by the comings and goings, but the buttons, easily reachable, make use pleasant. Most of the clicks are well placed. Larger hands may accidentally press a few buttons on the side of the mouse, but once the size of the latter is apprehended, use becomes more intuitive. In terms of finish and design, the feeling of robustness that emanates from the aluminum chassis of the M65 is pleasant. The design meanwhile has a gaming connotation and is rather elegant, and the light effects are configurable. Note, however, that this Corsair mouse is not designed for left-handed use.

In order to improve its ergonomics, the weight of the M65 is adjustable. Its base weight of 97 g can go up to 115 g with the weights included. The difference is such that the heavier mouse has better inertia and is better suited for certain types of games. It’s up to you to manage the weights in order to use the performance of the M65 as well as possible. Finally, its 8 programmable buttons are precise and designed to last over time.

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Several weights can be added to the M65 Ultra // Source: Corsair
Several weights can be added to the M65 Ultra // Source: Corsair

At this price, is this mouse interesting?

If you’re looking for a really good, efficient wired gaming mouse, under $55, that’s a great price. The M65 Ultra combines Quickstrike technology with optical switches to deliver lightning-fast response times. The shorter distance speeds up clicks for better responsiveness. The Marksman optical sensor provides precise tracking with the ability to adjust sensitivity in 1 DPI increments. It allows up to 50 G of acceleration. The optical sensor with a speed of 26,000 DPI is powerful. A mouse pad is still required to maximize the performance of the M65.

Tilt movements are programmable. You will be able to map actions, like reloading your weapon, with a simple mouse movement. Finally, the Corsair iCue software accompanies this gaming mouse. You can adjust the DPI to your liking, customize the macros, map the buttons or even synchronize the lighting.

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