Power outages and blackouts affected the entire country

Power outages and blackouts affected the entire country

Since 1:00 pm, there were power outages and blackouts in 19 states, including Monagas and the Capital District.

At least 19 states and the Capital District reported electric dips and blackouts. According to complaints through social networks, the failures extended until after 2:00 pm this Wednesday.

They also expressed that, at least, there were three or four drops in a period of less than an hour, between 1:00 pm and 2:00 pm.

The Metro service was suspended, just like the Los Teques Metro, so users had to resolve to return to their homes by another route.

Meanwhile, in the state of La Guaira they remain without electricity service for 20 hours at 6:00 pm this Wednesday.

States without electricity

It was learned that the Capital District and the states of Yaracuy, Carabobo, Aragua, Zulia, Portuguesa, Bolívar, Trujillo, Sucre, Anzoátegui, Lara, Falcón, Guárico, Miranda, Nueva Esparta, Barinas, La Guaira, Monagas, Amazonas and Mérida, suffered blackouts and blackouts, starting at 1:00 pm, as well as between 8 and 10 power outages.

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