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The author of the “Harry Potter” series, JK Rowling, claims to have received countless death threats because of her controversial statements in the gender debate. “I’ve now received so many death threats that I could paper the house with them,” wrote the 56-year-old on Monday in a series of tweets.

In the past, the author had repeatedly spoken out against the social and legal equality of trans women with women who were already born with female genital organs. That earned her a lot of criticism.

Concern has now triggered a photo shared on Twitter, in which three actors appeared in protest against their position at their home address in Edinburgh, Scotland, according to the author. A picture that was circulating on the Internet showed three people holding protest posters in front of an entrance portal, behind which the street and house number were clearly visible.

Whether it was intentional, as Rowling suspected, cannot be seen in the photo. The Twitter accounts of the three actors criticized by Rowling were no longer available on Monday.

The author thanked Twitter users who reported the post and the police. In the past few years she has seen time and again that women who, like her, are critical of equality of gender identity and biological sex have become the target of campaigns, including threats of violence and rape, Rowling continued. (sda / dpa)

“I am neither man nor woman, I am non-binary”

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