Potentially carcinogenic diabetes drug: the warning is activated

A well-known diabetes drug used by millions of patients around the world is potentially carcinogenic. The warning is given by Merck Co.

The large pharmaceutical company Merck Co. found the possible presence of carcinogens in a drug taken by diabetics.

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Merck Co., one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, immediately reported the possibility to federal regulators. presence of carcinogenic substances in a diabetes drug. Millions of patients are at risk, this is the warning launched after the control of some infected samples. Consequently, the US Food and Drug Administration announced its findings by inviting patients from around the world do not interrupt treatment. In fact, stopping taking the medicine can turn out to be the same dangerous. So whoever rents it will have to contact your doctor and therefore understand how to proceed with the management of the disease. But what is this drug between which one hides the worst pitfalls?

Medication for diabetes, health hazard

The Food and Drug Administration has announced that the drug is under control Januvia. In fact, it is possible that it contains traces of carcinogenic substances with great danger to the health of people with diabetes. Specifically, the medicine may also contain Sitagliptin known under the generic name Nitrous – STG – 19 according to the findings of the pharmaceutical company Merck CO.

NTTP belongs to the compound class of nitrosamine, some of which are considered probable or possible carcinogens for the person who follows the results of some texts with workers. However, the pharmaceutical company does not want to worry and reiterates how sure it is of the safety, quality and effectiveness of its products containing Sitagliptin. However, it was necessary to evaluate the exposure limits for diabetics not to be exceeded. The conclusions were that the amount of potentially carcinogenic substances in the drug Januvia represented minimal additional risk of cancer onset.

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Not just Januvia

To speak of minimal risk is to say everything and nothing. Whoever takes the drug has the right to be able to evaluate an alternative even if it will result in a loss for the pharmaceutical company. Januvia is the third most profitable drug manufactured by Merck Co. are produced and generate income equivalent to 5 billion dollars a year. The pharmaceutical company will have to evaluate the possibility of loss of earnings as well as people with diabetes have to evaluate the possibility of a minimal increase in the risk of cancer.

Finally, remember that Januvia is not an isolated case. In recent years, the presence of potentially carcinogenic substances has been found in various drugs. We call the medicine Zantac for heartburn, the antibiotics Rifampin used against meningitis and tuberculosis and the drug Chantix to stop smoking

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