Potential Resident Evil 9 leak hints at new setting and enemies


Looks like new information has been leaked about the setting and enemies featured in Capcom’s next installment in the survival horror series, Resident Evil 9. As with all 4chan leaks, take this with a pinch of salt.

Based on the leaked details, the working title of the game is Resident Evil Apocalypse. Its action will take place in a ghost town in the west, where a special investigation will be carried out. The area will include caves, a river, a small town and a nearby campsite. The leak says the forest is creepy and unsettling. Without a map, it will be easy for players to get lost. Some doors can be opened, locked, barricaded, and broken with melee weapons.

Enemies will resemble some kind of ugly creatures, and the locals will call them “Wendigo” or “Goatman”, the latter of which will resemble mythological creatures with horns. These enemies can mimic human speech and even transform into friendly NPCs. The player will have to watch carefully and look for oddities in their behavior in order to recognize them as enemies, since otherwise they are able to imitate human language flawlessly.

At times, you may hear someone approaching you from behind in the woods. When you turn around, you will often find no one, although in some cases you may be chased by a monster. According to the leak, one of the first bosses in the game is known as the Barghest. Although he is less intelligent than the other monsters, he is described as “a big black dog with a twist”. One of the main antagonists will be a lady known to the locals as Glastig. It is stated that she wears a mourning green dress along with golden accessories and that her character design is likely to please fans, as Lady Dimitrescu did in Resident Evil Village.

The leak also mentions that the player will receive assistance from a female bioweapon named Halder. When you show her any treasures, clues, or puzzle pieces you find along the way, she will be your guide through the forest and tell you about the city’s history. She will also teach the player various combinations of herbs. The monsters respect and fear this lady, as do Glastig, and will not approach her, which explains why they cannot enter the safe zones.

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Finally, the leak states that “9th phase of the moon” will be the main theme of the story, which is where the word “Apocalypse” comes from. The moon is the game’s emblem and is expected to feature prominently in the Resident Evil 9 logo.



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