The first leg of the playoff for promotion to the First Division between the Girona and Almería, scheduled for this Thursday, will not be played at the moment. This has been made official this Wednesday by La Liga, which has communicated to both clubs that the match is postponed in the absence of a new date.

Although still It remains to be confirmed if Elche or Fuenlabrada occupy sixth place and are a rival to Zaragoza, the tie between fourth and fifth was going to be played normally. However, finally the League has decided to suspend it pending the development of the ‘Fuenlabrada case’, which can be settled in court.

In this way, the usual wait of each season is further extended to know which team completes the shortlist of those promoted to First. With Huesca and Cádiz already with their place in the elite next year, it remains to know who will be the third to achieve it.

Meanwhile, rumors and news continue to be produced regarding the suspension of the Deportivo-Fuenlabrada match due to the positive cases of Covid-19 among the Madrid club’s squad of players. If the people of A Coruña, descended without playing their game, have proposed a solution that would go through a Second with 24 teams next season, the Rayo Vallecano has gone off the hook with a proposal that includes increasing from four to six the teams that would compete for the place that remains to be known from promoted to First.

While, the eyes of affected clubs and institutions are directed towards LaLiga, chaired by Javier Tebas. Although the FEF and CSD They agreed with the club management to suspend only one match and dispute the rest of the day, and they did so within the framework of the Follow-up Commission on the protocol for returning to the new normality of football, privately complain about having found out about the mess in Fuenlabrada late. Besides, the Board from Galicia, the A Coruña City Council and the Madrid’s community have opened investigations to try to clarify what happened.

He CSD, who supported the soccer bodies at a time of maximum pressure, has requested a comprehensive report from LaLiga so that I explain to him everything that happened and his way of proceeding. Meanwhile, the Fuenlabrada expedition has already passed the tests in A Coruña to see if it improves the situation of those affected and soon they can leave the NH Finisterre hotel where they stayed for the game that was not played.

As reported by the Ser, Fuenlabrada requested the A Coruña airport to return the same Monday at 10:30 p.m. -the match against Deportivo began at 9:00 pm- in a call that took place at six in the afternoon. The plane, from the Iberia company, was currently in Madrid.

According to this version, The Madrid team already knew the results of the PCR performed on players and coaches that same morning. in Madrid, before embarking on a trip to Galicia. However, the Xunta assures that it was not informed of the case until after eight in the afternoon, less than an hour from the time set for the start of the Dépor-Fuenla clash.

The mayor of A Coruña, Inés Rey, he assured This same station that LaLiga already knew the positives of the six members of the Fuenlabrada expedition at four in the afternoon but that the Galician authorities were not informed until four hours later. He City Council will take the case to the Prosecutor’s Office this Thursday for investigation.

The Xunta asks to review the protocol of the League and considers that “it was breached”

The Minister of Health of the Xunta de Galicia, Jesús Vázquez Almuiña, has asked this Wednesday to review the protocol before the Covid19 of LaLiga, since the Fuenlabrada case, confined with several positives in A Coruña, «has shown that it has gaps »As well as« there are conditions that have not been met «.

This was detailed by Almuiña in a press conference in which he recalled that a total of 46 PCR tests have been carried out on players, club workers and other contacts, and that the number of positives remains at six, although it has been sampling was carried out at higher levels to resolve the discrepancy with the initial data that pointed to eight positives.

The trackers also expanded their search to four people who reportedly had contact with the Fuenlabrada expedition – three bus drivers and one fan – and who now remain isolated in their homes in the A Coruña area “waiting to be practiced. the corresponding PCR tests to have all the data ».

On the possibility of initiating legal actions in the event of a serious breach, the minister has indicated that “the channels established by law” will be followed, after which he has indicated that any private laboratory -such as the one that carried out the PCR on the players at their origin- “It has the obligation to communicate it to Public Health, in this case of the Community of Madrid”.