Post-pandemic medicine: “after what we’ve been through, we want a decent salary”

It is enough to dig a little on the internet to come across movies, interviews and books that, before the new coronavirus surprised us, anticipated the arrival of a pandemic and warned that humanity was not prepared to face it. Far from being a fiction, the prophecy ended up being fulfilled. Gone is that 2020 when many of us ended up applauding on balconies and calling health personnel “heroes”. Fortunately, today the outbreaks do not have the impact of the first and second waves. But how has this experience transformed the work of doctors? Has the way they look at their tasks changed? Do they feel that two years after being on that ‘front line of combat’ they are valued? The Medical College of Tucumán celebrates its 90th anniversary this week and the occasion is a good excuse for reflection. “We have been shields of society”, introduces its president, Hector Leaves.

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