Post-Covid: Mental performance is very often impaired

In the majority of patients who came to the neurological post-Covid outpatient clinic at Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin, cognitive impairments were observed, i.e. lower mental conductivity. Almost as many people suffered from excessive fatigue.

An evaluation of the findings of the first 100 patients in the neurological post-Covid outpatient clinic showed that 72 percent of the patients had cognitive impairment. At 67 percent, there was almost as often fatigue, a severe form of exhaustion. Headaches and a loss of the sense of smell (36 percent each), muscle pain (21 percent), dizziness (20 percent), pain syndromes (17 percent) and signs of severe depression (6 percent) followed at some distance. The study results are published in the journal “Frontiers Neurology”.

Long-term consequences despite a slight course

In the vast majority of patients (89 percent), Covid disease had progressed slightly. It is still unclear why long-term impairments still occur so often. Doctors consider it possible that a disturbed function of the smallest blood vessels, persistent inflammatory reactions or misdirected immune reactions are behind it. As long as you don’t know this, you can only treat the symptoms, not the cause.

According to a Swedish study, it is now known that the effect on mental conductivity is not related to permanent damage to the nervous system caused by the viral disease. Nevertheless, the results show that the post-Covid syndrome brings with it a great need for neurological care.

What: DOI 10.3389 / fneur.2021.738405 / full


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