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Google is poised to launch the Google Pixel 7 Pro and Google Pixel 7 later this year. The phone’s existence and first look were revealed at Google IO 2022 earlier this month. Ahead of launch, the Google Pixel 7 series display specs were leaked, suggesting that the Pixel 7 duo won’t get a major upgrade over the last generation.

The Pixel 7 Pro will have a triple camera setup, while the Pixel 7 will have a dual camera setup. A new report has now revealed that Google may be working on a new phone that could be a flagship device in the Pixel lineup. Let’s take a look at more information about this mysterious Pixel device.

Clues to mysterious Google Pixel smartphone discovered

According to the 9to5Google report, Google is working on a new Pixel device that will be radically different from the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro. In addition to these two devices, codenames of the two new devices were spotted on the AOSP code 一Felix and Lynx, which the report says belong to the same family. One is likely the Pixel 7a and the other a mysterious device.

The mysterious pixel device is labeled “G 05”. For reference, the Pixel 7 is codenamed “Cheetah” and the 7 Pro is codenamed “Panther” and they are labeled “C38″. ” or “P05”. The code name for “G10” is not yet known. However, the display specifications of the device have been announced.

The G10 will have a 155Hz screen refresh rate, which is similar to that of the Pixel 6 Pro and also the upcoming Pixel 7 Pro. The display is built by BOE instead of Samsung and has identical specs as the Pixel 6 Pro, including a 1200×2021 resolution, 155Hz refresh rate and 71 x 155mm size. Given the device’s screen size and resolution, the likelihood of it being a large foldable or the Pixel tablet can be ruled out. After all, the device will run on Android, which is not surprising. The device could also be equipped with a tensor chip.

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Google usually releases three devices in a row – the regular, a Pro model and an A series. This year, it looks like the company will add a new device. If we were to speculate, this could be another high-end version of the Pixel 7 Pro, or this could be Google already preparing a Pixel 8 series device. However, there is still no clarity on the name of the device.

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